Timothy Solik-Starkenhauser (day 759)

It is my duty
As I stand here before you
On all four of my legs
To alert you
Of the chance
That there might be
If it were to come to that
A certain plan
In existence
That has a chance to formulate
If the stars align right
A dangerous misgiving
And I being the cautious type
Which we all know I am
For I’ve never mislead you
In all my years as 1st Watch
Strong as my shell
I’m honest like it’s strength
Believe that as a pod
If you take to calling us that
We should cautiously eye
The discusser of plans
Who weaves his vicious web
Amongst and between
This pods close knit peas
And even if it be deemed so
Amongst this pod of such strength
This pod of honest courage
We should seek to cast out
This weaver of plans
This curse of the time
This abominable creature
That has already done
So much damage to our pod
Our once strong pod of grace
And it happens that such
In this honest turtle’s mind
Of the 1st Watch command
Far too much stress
Put upon us by his mess
Has rooted it’s evil
In all our good deeds
Pitted our conscience
Up against our own existence
And now as we gather here
All peas in a pod
We must beware of this evil
We’re slowly realizing
But slow is not the problem
It’s actions that are needed
I know it’s around us
Since I’ve seen it in your eyes

Great, so we understand then?

a Turtle

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