Black Licorice / Nobodies Darlings (day 720)

I remember watching you dance
It’s a slow song and there’s more emotion in your face
Then the hands floating around unconsciously
It’s a mood, a sly smile
A knowing smile that you know I’m smiling
We ain’t nobodies darlings
We’re crawling around on the floor
Dirty knees and loose nails in the parquet flooring
Making dreams in the air with punctuation marks
Black licorice tea in oversized beer mugs

I’ve indulged here all day
Fruitful indulgence without even leaving the bed
Sharing gospel truths and confident encouragement
Fretting woes with stronger advice

It’s the good days that last
Scaring away the drought like a vulture
One hundred miles in the air and fading fast
Broken in the land but hope on the horizon
It’s summer time, and nobodies left alone

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