Silently Quiet (day 714)

It’s quiet in here
If you’re ignoring the voices
Screaming back at me
Inside my head

I can hear the dull tones
From the black box next to me
Spinning around methodically
While I go about my work

Wind blows through trees
Shimmering with a gentle sway
But that’s outside
Beyond the confines of a window

Entrapped, the house is still
Drooping plants are silently
Calling out to me
For just a splash more of water

My typing makes noises
But that sound dies
When I take moments to think
Jumping deeper inside my head

Paintings hang with memories
Time faded memories
But the image: unwaveringly visible
Clearly pulls on my thoughts

Fruits in the silver bowl
Work hardest at these times
Heat of day and sunlight curing
Hardness and tart green

The refrigerator will kick on
Every now and then
To remind me of lunch to come
Scraps of what is now left over

While I wait here
Looking at my reflection
Silently shining back at me
Curious smeared everywhere

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