Settling Sun (day 546)

I lifted the covers and stared down below
A dream opened up, clearly it glowed
Gothic topped houses with friendly animals
Hovering around the edges of the kept lawn
A sincerely perfected landscape

Clouds morphing in the winds
In which beautiful animals blossomed
Spread out, before my eyes
As I peered under the covers
Amazed at what I did see

I thought for a while
At the glory that did be
Who brought on the sunshine
Who let in the rain and
Just like that it dawned upon me

I built up a fortress underneath where I sleep
Sentinels awaiting orders and messengers at my call
A kingdom opened up in front as I gazed
Then I smiled to myself as I looked to my left
It was a beautiful maiden, a lover just for me!

Unpacking our picnic amongst the friendly little trees
We sat right down on checkered covered cloth
Wine un-corked, not spilling a drop
Laid back we were in pure summers bliss
As the sun settled down we drifted to sleep

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