Peace (day 530)

In the entrance of reality we are blessed with conscience
We each see the light that pushes us forth
The difference becomes when we fold up our socks
And pull down our pants to bend over backwards
To let the finishing touches be put on our shine
By the people we choose to let us be led

You choose this, this never ending pull
This never ending walk into our mind that sets us forth
Sets us apart from our brothers and sisters
The ones who also share the same exact stretches of imagination
That rupture our souls and pitch our chests upward
Necks alert and mouth and eyes gaping upwards

Our own unique plans allow us to differentiate this path
Undoubtedly pushing each one of us
It is I, it is you, it is us who choose to balance
The way the stars effect
Glimmering off the rippling evening lake
That blows as it wants in the stretches of time that glitter in our minds

Peace then pushes forth in our conscience
Emanating outwards from the beams of life
That stretch from the parts which have been nurtured
Lust fills us for a life that cannot be silenced
Rosy cheeks and picture perfect smiles
And peace, always in peace with nature and self

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