Southern States (day 508)

All too drearily I drag my heels across the torn leaves turning wooden colors
A light evenings sprinkling has left that wooooooshhhhh feeling in the air
Smells trying it’s best to pick my head up
But the wind is winning that battle as it charges through my vein
I’m thinking about the things I gotta do
Getting a sudden understanding that it’s been done before
I’m not walking original streets anymore
I’m a two bit pony at the stallion races
Diners and hip fashions line these streets with eager faces laughing out loud
It’s an optimistic buzz that I’ve missed sailing
It’s the flight south and I’ve been caught chilling

Then, out of the corner of my eye, I see an oasis
A spot in the middle of this barren land that’s calling my name loud
Like the 4th of July in the Southern states: IT’S SCREAMING
So I check myself and take a tug on my cuffs
I know this is going to take a while

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