Sunscreen on Your Nose (day 451)

I used to love you like a wild woman should
Full of youth you showered me in elegance
Holding me high upon your shoulders
As we waltz’d through parks

There was a time when I would sit by the phone
Waiting for you to call on me
I’d talk sweet words to my friends of you
When time would hold us far apart

Then, as hours turned to years
We grew up like fresh sprouts from earth
Quickly in spring, blooming in summer
And grasping to sweet life in fall

Here we sit now, asleep in the sun
No longer wary of our youthful exuberance
No longer conscious of voices around
Comfortably numb, rest in the mind

Where shall we go tomorrow?
Does it cost that much?
Do you have some sunscreen on your nose?
Can I have a sandwich please.

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