Some Days (day 388)

Some days go by and they crawl up the wall
Seemingly scraping together time with broken memories
That pick at your wounds as you begin to fall asleep

Some days go by and drag their heels along the floor
Building up the tough skin that is disturbing to touch
Clearly letting go of all decency and elegance in a flash

Some days go by like the sun beating against a glass window
Heating up entire buildings from it’s mere affection
Darkening skin and inviting energy to be extrapolated

Some days go by as if showering was a rule
Fresh as the spring daisies that hide amongst a field of wheat grass
Stepping slightly quicker than the rest of the pack

Some days go by reminding me of mid winter’s frost
Sparkling brilliantly but very hard to look at with wide eyes
Usually requiring sunglasses to handle the glare

Some days go by and they run like the wind
Forgetting to stop for lunch and digging right in
Lost in the usual games but focused on one thought

Some days don’t ever end in spite all the killing
They make the butchers happy as they sharpen their knives
Slicing away the minutes, one by one

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