Soloist (day 347)

Soloists have a hard time understanding the meaning of the unity
The connection with others that amplifies the experience
Perhaps it’s also an ego thing: uninterupted, in command
Or maybe it was a result of a childhood
No parents to love by, no siblings to care for

But soloists also understand a much deeper commitment to the cause
A rooted desire to conquer the tasks and ignore/conuquer all obstacles
That run headlong into the path of resistance
Perhaps it’s nothing of the sort, just mere coincidence that
Strong minded individuals had no support structure
For their childhood fantasies and nightmares

In the end, it is neither the soloist nor the socialist
Who stands up tall at the end of the match
It is neither the mother nor the father who take on the blame
Or the brother or the sister who have left you out of the game
It is the soloist who must take on the blame
Who must reach deep inside and answer only to themselves

Questions on my mind
Make the game worth
The questions on my mind

And the questions on my mind
Prove the answer to the riddle
Of questions on my mind

Relate to the soloist who has gone ahead and led the way
That there was a mixup in the game plan, that the troupes have all turned
Away from the diamonds, away from the booty,
More towards the inspiration, rallied against the ugly mascot
They have turned down the flags, and silenced the horns
Ignited the fires and paraded far away

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