Rambling Eyes (day 203)

I stumble around the corners looking for new possibilities
Forgetting the last treasures I’ve found
With no regard for children I’ve left alone
Or mothers I’ve condemned to home

Sleep at last takes its icy grasp
About the neck of a startled child
Eyes wide and thumb in the air
And mesmerized by talking bears
Huddling in corners of this walled escape plan

I look up for a moment, struggling against all odds
Into deep eyes of a street light
Taking a moment to adjust to sprinkling pixie dust
Layered upon my brow with thick ale (in magic)

Morning’s wake brings silent whispers
Helpful advice and a companion of silence
Breathing the full mountain view into effect
There is hardly a time for thought and mind
Yet in this serene, there is no need, save Love

And down down again I trudge into depths
Sought out only by those deepest carnal desires
Those smitten with the most magical of potions
Perhaps, one hopes, grace is still found in the journey

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