Ode to Darkness (day 1910)

Your sweet cloak, my serenity;
My forever once again
Lasting into comfort zen.
My vision slowly blurring
Into fuzzy warmth of my sleepy hallow.
And the day flickers back
Upon swift coattails of your speed,
I – licking gently at scars
To perform my holistic lobotomy,
Wrap my strong arms around you,
Curl my long legs beside you,
And release my control,
For you are my omnipresent
Singing so sweetly.

Rumbling (day 870)

Just cant sit here right now
Enthusiasm building up inside
A crime that ain’t yet committed
Sin purely built up on guilt
I ain’t been off the good track
Just living a life n’its demands
Hadn’t been here too long now
Didn’t plan on going anytime soon
Lasted a lifetime of Dogness
Becoming a Lion is zen
Mention a man and his liberties
Stuff a man up with sin
Feet are beginning to rumble
And all rumbling getting let loose

Insanity and the Devil (day 726)

I’m insanity
It’s nice to meet you
Can I leave on my shoes?
They’re not that dirty, really..
I’ve only trudged through hell
And the muddy banks of depression
Along the copse of Zen
And through the fields of peace

I’ve come for a spot of tea
I think it’d be nice
If we got to know each other
It’s going to be a long road, soon
And we’re better off
Being somewhat familiar with each other
To save from growing pains
Later on down the road

No cream, two spoons of sugar

A Calm Exhale (day 725)

A peaceful song pulls at my thoughts
Sweeping my soul through a meadow
Filled with low hanging weeping willows
And a gurgling brook
With tufts of grass flanking that stream
Fuzzy colours all around
Like a post-impressionist dream
Filtered through the eyes of societies insanity

The only thing trampling the mood
Is the outside world blaring from a tube
Shucking the calm that flows within
Into a frustration so pitted it groans
A casual breath turns towards forced
Focusing on zen, the art of happiness
Resisting the urge to call out and reform

With one simple application of a minor force
Sounds die out, echoing in the walls
Crafting witty remarks amongst the plants
That reflect the incandescent glow
A warm glow of a settling mood
Relaxing within the peaceful song
Sweeping my pressured edges towards their sheaths
And collapsing my insanity into a calm exhale

Implied Pain (day 410)

Your pain, it holds me tighter
Slowly bleeding me of breath
Rapidly darkening the corners
Losing all depth and truth
While pushing away my sturdy ground

Grasping at dangling straw
Slashing out in water
Pedaling without a chain
Speeding while in neutral
Spinning in the sand

Wrinkles cross your furrowed brow
Tucking your eyes away neatly
Fixing your lips into a slit
Cursing the dawn for it’s birth
Chasing away the zen of it’s wake

Paddling through open waters
Listening to the lone loon call
Falling beneath the foggy eyelids
Drinking that warm milk
Sinking into a padded fort

Struggling (day 86)

Struggling to stay awake
Struggling to keep focused
Struggling to stop remembering
Struggling to ignore nostalgia
Struggling to hold peace
Struggling to find motivation
Struggling to sit still
Struggling to create time
Struggling to be zen
Struggling to grasp topics
Struggling to be friendly
Struggling to breathe air
Struggling to stay cool
Struggling to avoid fears
Struggling to still believe
Struggling to remain alive
Struggling to show thanks
Struggling to initiate contact
Struggling to not resent
Struggling to think kindly
Struggling to eliminate indulgence
Struggling to always cry
Struggling to move body
Struggling to have fun
Struggling to harbor hope
Struggling to kiss you