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Hot Rocket (day 2133)

Call it what it is
On a gold line to Maine
Like a hot rocket lit.

You know where you’re going
It ain’t no cruel plan
Pick up where you left off.

Hold strong to live strong
Believe what you do know
Getting in to it to get lost.

Sell it all away
It had it’s day yesterday
Ran out of what to say.

My red line is feeling fine
Horizon line slipping by
Call it what it is.

Muddy Angles (day 1724)

Did you lose your angle here
When I was cornered, silent
Was I a walking flamingo
Stuck against horizon.

Slipped and worn
A shaggy mane
Hostile against the wind
Could you use yesterday’s start
In muddy swamps of y’or.

Launching Pain (day 1344)

A reason to pain.
You give me forever
And I understand only
Figures that cause me
To hold my breath.
So I launch myself,
Like yesterday’s stars
Awaiting eve.


Mind Walks (day 1342)

Losing purpose of the mind
Inside contradicting thoughts
That flicker between yesterday
And a whole lot of dreams
Makes breathing increasingly harder,
Motivation a stubborn horse,
And walks through the park
Increasingly longer.

Lines of my Heart (day 1157)

A heart is a weathered blanket
Alone on the porch
Blowing in the wind.

And I can’t see the end.

When we open our hearts
They’re alone for the ride
Like yesterday’s news.

And I can’t see the end.

A cure is buried
Like lines of my heart
Broken and bent.

And I can’t see the end.

Just Yesterday (day 257)

Do you remember me?
We would park down on the beach
Thinking about each others plans
Talking about us
Where we’re going in life
What our future would hold
How we believe in each other

Do you remember about Paris?
You said you would dress me in a bow
Walking hand in hand down the des Champs-Élysées
Our friends would call our names
In rich foreign accents as we passed them by
Waving casually, and going on our way

Do you think we’ll ever drive there?
Walking seems much more romantic
Then again, so does an old taxi
You in your furs and I in my bespoke
Your hair would have feathers in it
Your lace would come off black

Do you still get lost in your tea?
As you sit and stare at the leaves
Counting your black magic
Shifting your spells
Deciding when to clear the wallet
Of useless propaganda
Perhaps some day it will become old
Wrinkled from the time
But still just yesterday