Wisemen (day 982)

Silently I stepped out from behind the mirror
Took a moment to reflect, to look back
To think about what had happened unto my demeanor
My wrinkles shone like gemstones
Enlightening my visitors to the challenges I had faced
None, save the unexpecting, could reconcile the past
Not one of my curses could pierce through that thick veil
To snuff out the screaming badges
Leaving dormant Wisemen holding court above chalice’s hold
And I never remembered to drink

Implied Pain (day 410)

Your pain, it holds me tighter
Slowly bleeding me of breath
Rapidly darkening the corners
Losing all depth and truth
While pushing away my sturdy ground

Grasping at dangling straw
Slashing out in water
Pedaling without a chain
Speeding while in neutral
Spinning in the sand

Wrinkles cross your furrowed brow
Tucking your eyes away neatly
Fixing your lips into a slit
Cursing the dawn for it’s birth
Chasing away the zen of it’s wake

Paddling through open waters
Listening to the lone loon call
Falling beneath the foggy eyelids
Drinking that warm milk
Sinking into a padded fort