Autumn’s Wick (day 1937)

As Autumn’s candle blows clouds away
Sharpness enters into this day
At the cost of blue one cannot say
The geese should fly today.
But as Hermes doth say,
“Winter, come our way,”
So must we abide by nature’s law.
And here we are amidst the fray
Swirling leaves on an Autumn day,
And frost spreading it’s silver lining
Along the open grass
With little paw prints
Bustling here and there,
To prepare for Winter’s deep lair,
Shelter and warmth bites the air
Though Autumn’s wick doth get shorter.

Autumn's Wick by Ned Tobin

The Wick (day 256)

Blood runs down the pierced skin
Slowly drip dropping to the tune of your heart
Memories flash before your eyes
Like the light slowly fading away

Between your thighs sits an atom bomb
The mind slowly flirting with the wick
“Can we play our song one more time?”
Please, lay down dear

Let me whisper in your ear.