Passion Journey (day 1535)

This road carries the weight
Of a passing song;
Our fearless warrior carried on.
Deep as jungle screams at dusk,
A dusty trail stays hidden but not gone.

A road turns its wiles away.
Heavy hearts jump and start to say:
Adventure is this journey’s end!
Press forth into within,
Make passion journey’s beginning song.

From My Heart and Throat (day 1302)

Some days I don’t want to exist anymore.
Some days I don’t want truth to be hovering
Around the center vortex of my cranium.
And it’s not even a weight,
It’s a lifting feeling that attaches itself
And continually pulls my gaze
..and hands
To face collecting clouds with nothing but
Questions rolling from heart and throat and
Rain drops that keep falling down my face.

From My Heart and Throat by Ned Tobin