Softly Cried the Orchid (day 2189)

My shallow scoop has left graceful dents
Upon the eves of my tomorrow;
Pondering a moment here leaves me
Wishing I hadn’t left my tear
So delicately upon your shoulder.

I grew an orchid that cried so softly
When the rhythm of the moon filled
Each crystal chalice with translucent waves
Softly swirling in my hand
Wishing I wasn’t so damn ready.

And as I watched the sun gallop
Over the Eastern horizon from my chair,
I hummed a tune in my favorite key of D
So low it had rumblings of a tumbling dream
Which pressed me between cold sheets for another day to begin.

Wild Meadows (day 2150)

Where the wind blows
My saddle shall rise
O’r the wild meadows she goes

When the birds wake me
My boots shall speed thee
O’r the wild meadows she goes

When the waves crash down
My trumpets shall shine
O’r the wild meadows she goes

Where the apple falls
My basket shall heave
O’r the wild meadows she goes

When the Lady calls for
My heart evermore then
O’r the wild meadows she goes

Alone to Dream (day 1872)

Alone is what to be would be
If I were out at sea
Amidst the waves and blowing wind
Setting my sails aglow.
Alone is what the songs would sing
Should I not hear your voice
That sang about morning chores,
Music to my ears.
But alone amidst the evening’s set
Should never find me awake
For dreams take me floating away
With ten friends upon adventure.

Catered Driftwood (day 1383)

I paused to reflect on waves
Splashing my reflecting peace.
I knew that twinkling waves
Were unspent thoughts
Still waiting for my fancy.
Yet here I was, clear of thought,
Amongst children thinking it funny
To throw plastic cups in the sea,
Unaware of volunteers
Cleaning her from bow to stern;
Amongst gulls pecking at my toes;
Amidst catered driftwood
Aligned in rows.
Yet my thought was still overwhelmed
By sweet shining sun:
Heavenly as she chose.
And I lay still here
Until memory aligned again with thought,
And the sea was ebb and flow.

Lost Connections (day 1246)

I start finding lost connections
About gurgling waves
Lapping around poles and
Sheet metal, breaking
The X – Y plane
With flashes of memories
That thunder through my hull.
I recognize a lost connection
As rusting red leaves mixed with
Rubber ducky yellows
Spin their way along the Y-axis,
Dancing nimbly with warm arms
Of X and Z stitches.
Lost connections break my conscience
With each dead 3 pronged plugin,
With each false hope of recharge.
But each diagonal floats on by,
Twisting like an unbroken chain of genes
Through my alert moments
Realizing it’s not the destination,
It’s the journey in the end.

Lonely Divine (day 1133)

An ocean cries a single time,
Waves crash delicately over my mind.
You could be the emptiness
A forever I’ve never witnessed.
And all of this could be just fine
With a sour drop of wine,
As all the while I’ve played finesse
I have nothing left to confess.
But you, dear lonely divine
Will nevermore be stealing my time.

Gradually Melting (day 743)

Peace has struck me down with thunderbolts
Rooted me into this earth I am present upon
Gradually melting my senses into one
Uplifting my soul, allowing it to speak
Earth and I become the same breath of life
Spread outward in sweeping omnipresent waves
Like sunshine feeding springtime
This is not motionless life
Bustling about in rhythmic substance
Carrying the tune of time about our backs
Lodged mysteriously between peace and perseverance
Crawling up walls to yell out at heights
Like sunshine feeding springtime
This is not motionless life

2013.05.09 - Prince George Spring (94 of 100)

Wide Eyed Tourist (day 591)

Memories crash through on waves hitting the shallow waters of coral reefs
Punishing the peaceful fish that make their way onward in search of food
Sun breaks into the galleries, reflecting wildly off these creatures close to the surface
Where the smiles and new haircuts wash away all that matters

Didn’t we love those diamonds we saw as we searched along the street
Where elephants roamed and wild doctors muttered to themselves
I’ve sat here before, a bottle in hand and the warm night’s breeze
Feeding my cool demeanor as I soothed the furrowed brow on a pretty girls face

We lost our way swimming in those warm shallow waters
Escaping away from the feeding sharks that lurk around the edges
Without a whimper, without the simplest of warning signs we all hope for to see
The waves came tumbling down filling the snorkel full and drowning the wide eyed tourist

Blondes and Guns (day 522)

A romantic getaway that lends itself to a high action thriller
One of those old ’70s flicks that fills in with browns
Flowy Farah Fawcett hair that shimmers in the sun
And blows in the wind from the partially opened window

A silence that is foreign amongst the wooden paneling
Floral bedspread with a mysterious darkness coming from the underneath area
The type that really makes you genuinely scared to look under the bed
Duty for only the strong to survive

Waves in the distance, too far to be heard
But glimmering in the distance as the canvas lawn-chairs squeak under the weight
Seagulls busily spread their wings across the horizon
Sunscreen smelling strong around the edges of this cold tasty beer

It’s a romantic scene in our high action thriller
The rare moments the cars are ignored and domination plots are set aside
An obligatory scene but oh so necessary to sway the testosterone
Since blondes and guns make the world go round