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Storm is on the Ni’ (day 1696)

Weathered by the storm one night
I lay awake in bed,
Trusty steed loose outside
To fare for his warmth, amidst.
I’ve got a heart of gold and
I left my shoes tidy by the door.
Stayed up all night watching
Stars shoot through the sky,
And you told me twice that I
Had led you down the right road.
Now you come home and
Lay awake in bed,
Lay beside me when
Storm is on the ni’.

Mind, Soul, Body (day 882)

To lose is time
To sing is drown
To laugh is lost
Wither my mind

To hard is cruel
To long is wish
To watch is hope
Uncover my soul

To wash is dirt
To hunt is life
To feed is health
Deliver my body