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A Leaf (day 2188)

Today I watched a vine unravel it’s spine
From around a savory leaf
It lightly lay it’s beating pulse
Upon a trembling leaf
And smiled as it moved up and down
Like a fox on the prowl
I watched the leaf flaunt it’s curve
And bend into the pulse
To which the vine
Gave everything
To curl it’s furthest tip
Which lingered long
About delectably exposed veins
Sliding down to the delicate joint
That held the leaf to the branch
As a suckling lifeline,
And plucked the leaf to devour it.

Song Number Four (day 1948)

My legs have left from my mind
Oh Lord, this ain’t my time
I keep counting two by two
Until my sweet eyes turn blue
And fragile lilac leaves shake
In cold palms of my forgotten date
How sweet it once was here
Summer of harmony I’d hear
Spoken through my heart vines
Lost now, song number four’s lines

Song Number Four by Ned Tobin

Dispelled Legions (day 900)

Legions of piping bands
Tunics bedazzled with
Ten foot peacock feathers
Rubies hemmed with gold
Chin straps and rosy lips
While out of breath
Gasping for breath

Left right left
Left right left
To the tune of ancient mariners
Ramshackled by a recent gale
Lonely and bygone
But strapped with infinite hope

Discovering smiles
On passing children
Who stop and stare
Slack jawed and dreaming
Holding mother’s pant leg close

And the song chirps loudly
As all of us dream
Focused determination spreads
About each members mane
They walk the fine line
Between 7th and Fraser
15th and Vine

On past these streets
In a cold autumn breeze
Biting into saturated spectators
With empty bottles of hot chocolate
Rattling along with cold children
And dispelled souvenirs

Tree of Life (day 775)

I like the words tree of life
It weaves its way around my mind
Like a healthy vine
Working its way eagerly
Around any healthy hosts

I always picture it standing
In the middle of a field,
A marvelous spectacle out there
Silhouetted in the morning sun
Full plumage, healthy bird culture

I always feel at home
Under the tree of life
The grass is always greenest
Roots are always thickest
Qi is always fullest