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Ode to Stinging Nettle (day 2145)

I walk each trail in early spring
(My eyes forever searching)
For what I know to recognize,
Last years treasure still so clear –
Purple shoots so proud and strong.
And when I happen upon a stand
My heart smiles, my joy is found
Tis seasons first bounty
Abundant and wild
Sprung to sting my hands!
Every leaf so delicately cherished
That joins the wicker basket
(I, so thankful and forever glad)
Will nourish my vitals
So vibrant and healthy
Upon a trail for another year.

Crawl (day 822)

Crawl without the lines
That pull you to me
Crawl without the whispers
Drawing your innocence out
Let the foundation wrinkle
Let the answers avoid
Flipped pages
Choose your own adventure
Lust filled back pages
Scribbled notes
And locked treasure chests