To An End (day 2597)

Walked the seas and weathered the rain
Woke up in morning’s frost
Felt snowflakes upon my nose
Hot sun upon my ears
Wind blew off my worn out hat
Dust flew in my eye
Humidity soaked me inside out
Shriveled me up like a raisen
Saw through twenty three hours of darkness
Never slept for twenty four days straight
Walked upon burning sand
Slept upon jagged rocks
Met a mosquito in a spiders web
Fell into a great bear’s den
Entangled by a caterpillar’s cocoon
Demonized by a shadow
Yet still I look for tomorrow’s bread
As today has come to an end.

Inner Bark (day 2425)

I’m turning over a new leaf
– Budding spirals green in depth,
Spring’s warming showers –
My lines have turned
My shadows shifted
My inner bark has begun to stretch
To where my roots know how to find.
This heart of mine has slept and drank
My eyes have wept and cleared
New toes of length have wiggled free
For today I continue blossoming.

Future (day 2323)

Where is our future
If the youth of today
Are a timelines status
And a programmed computer
Our workforce
Where will we be when
Our ten thousand followers
Gobble our every word?
Motivation for their lives?
Where is our future
If even our leaders
Cannot speak words of truth
Do not display ethics
Ten thousand people should hold?
When do we realize
We are not in control?
When we are no longer listening
To our inner wisdom?
Instead, steadfast and determined
To follow the voice
Of this flickering display.

Half Way Tired (day 728)

Today I’m tired
Like the end of the lineup
Bottom of the hill
Half-way done
Watch checking
Eyes half closed
Sun coming up again
One houndred kilometers to go
Beer at noon
Kind of tired

It’s not like it’s that bad
After all
I packed so much good
Into today
I should be tired
Exhausted on the floor
Spread eagle
Unable to move
Force fed nutrients

Sleep will be good tonight
Long may it last

Slowly Melting Away (day 684)

On my better days
I get up before light
Put on my trusty runners
And head out to the path
Where my dog and I
Dodge frozen twigs and poop
Nimbly dancing along
Snow covered trails
Slowly melting away
Causing the walk to be
More like a slide
Through slush

On my better days
I get out of bed
Ignoring the softness
Deep within the sheets
I ignore the pillows
That drown me in comfort
And the warm pocket
I’ve been heating all night
Testing first with my hands
Then my timid feet
Touch the ground

On my better days
This is truth
Though, today was harder

Chestly (Charley) Winterbottom (day 680)

Oh my sparkly stars
A glorious day!
I have so many things
I’d like to do today!
First, I’ll circle the tree

Then I’ll have some breakfast
On the nice broom shrub
Perhaps I’ll see my friend
Simone de Longnose
Out and about today
He’s a quiet one though
It’s hard to get him to stay…

In the heat of the day
I’ll head to the shade
Climb the giant fig tree
My sanctuary of happy!
My tree for me!
Mom doesn’t go up there
She prefers the ground
But I can see the world
The whole entire world
From up in those branches
I’ll nap there
Up in my tree

Mom usually calls me for dinner
As I dream in my tree
But I’ll come down then
Because today I just know
There’ll be berries
Mmmm I love the berries
But bamboo is good too
When you’re hungry I guess

What will you do?



Chestly can be purchased here.

I Walked Alone Today (day 659)

I walked alone today
Through a snowy path
Amongst birch trees
That have no leaves
Pine and Fir are there
Ensuring nature stays green

Along this path
I walked today
Thoughts sprung forth
Delight… dismay
Yet still hard to think
As I wandered further
Battling 20 cm or so

It snowed today
Coming down in droves
Falling lightly on my mind
As I passed along
The spot where the old
Lady fell the other day

I walked alone today
As if transfixed by spell
Lightness of air
Easing the worried thoughts
Fluttering through my hair
And landing on the tips
Of every particle reaching out
To helping me on my way

If Roads Began To Wind (day 646)

If words like these did sting your ears
If flowers no longer blossomed in your eyes
If roads began to wind for you
Forever may those distrust in me

If I spoilt the love I have today
For a love I won’t have tomorrow
Then let a darkness be the bearer
Of steps I do declare

If my virtues contrast my ways
If my habits exceed my grace
Then let my name ring out in laughter
As a man who toiled his life in vain

If a blade took my life tonight
The ice pulling down my being
If an end does finally come of it
And sets my soul to float away
Which pierces through your heart in pain
Then let your suffering be felt by me
What my dying breath shall whisk away