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Tobacco Pipe Dreams (day 2141)

I carried your tobacco pipe
Like a diamond on my mind,
Two puffs and a closed grip
Ricochet all security
Through the back door:
Creak creak.

And we pass it on
As night songs
From a holy tent with a view
That lisps night skies
Through dreams of a far off land
Whispering endlessly.

But hold me, hold on
Hold the flowers
Growing here so wild
In the palm of your hand
Until it stains your closed grip
The colour of my dream.

Tobacco Pipe Dreams by Ned Tobin

Tobacco Blood (day 1671)

I am an ancient sailor who
Has sent in for the weather,
Cigarette and pea coat fending
Off my worst of every thoughts.
But aye, the closest thing to land
Is but a mirage in my eye,
So I will keep on biting in
To my twist of tobacco blood.


A Singular Hurt (day 17)


To bad for those cross-stitching hippies running around with dull blades lookin’ for smoking tobacco