Tired (day 2347)

I’ve found this tired
That I’m afraid I cannot shake
My eyes feel glazed
And legs so weak
My shoulders are heavy
My breath does not penetrate
Deeply like true breathing should
Perhaps it’s from
Listlessness of life
Here out on the road
Wandering from meal to meal
No direction to be told
And I’m facing a runaway
Looking into the center of self
Exposed and pushing on.

I Am Tired (day 2178)

I am tired
Like a sunset breeze
Bending thin shoots
On an old willow tree.
With every step I take
Dust circles out
From my heavy footfall,
And a choir of baritone singers
Follow me
Amidst my stretching shadow
And slumping aura
Saying hello to heaven.
My hands lightly rest
Upon a peeling fence post
Heavily feeling the paint
Crackle at my touch.
From this angle
From the seat of my
Creaking rocking chair
I look out over the grassy horizon
And slowly wander off
With a happy trailing thought.

Just A Little (day 2073)

It’s days like these
Rolled over, stuffed in
Left sleeping
With tired eyes
Lost on a distant horizon
A breath, heavy
Somewhere between asthma
And an eagle’s scream
Washed in the lapping ocean
And swept away
By the wind
Leaving heavy drops
Crawling down my cheek
And humming a slow song
That’re maybe
Just a little sad.

Cobblestones & Family (day 1454)

Laughing at imaginations that crisply punctuated my effortless circles of family, I crossed the path that led me to inevitability. It was here I sat down tired.
To my dismay, I was greeted by an understanding gesture that pickled my sentence with freshness beyond the cucumber, but all was not lost for I had a scapegoat.

Yet as I spoke my attention was caught, to which I followed down steps towards heavenly waterfalls to meet a pure maiden who took me by the hand and lightly led me across cobblestone walkways towards the utopia I had come to know and love.

So my imagination left me, and I was greeted by a hand of sincerity and kindness which knew my full name and hugged me as I came. I then carried on, for around me was family, and I was the same.

Half Way Tired (day 728)

Today I’m tired
Like the end of the lineup
Bottom of the hill
Half-way done
Watch checking
Eyes half closed
Sun coming up again
One houndred kilometers to go
Beer at noon
Kind of tired

It’s not like it’s that bad
After all
I packed so much good
Into today
I should be tired
Exhausted on the floor
Spread eagle
Unable to move
Force fed nutrients

Sleep will be good tonight
Long may it last

Tired (day 560)

I am tired
And these bags gathering
Under my eyes
Are growing their own
Attitude and regret
I’ve been sleeping little
In between dreams
Packing in time
I never could grasp
The days are slipping
On account of my drinking
Which erases the memories
Of days far gone now
Perhaps I could visit
Lost time again
With a flick of my wrist
A twist of my wit
A power to build me
My kingdom here yet
But then, would this cure me?
Would this let me rest?
Surely in madness
I’m loosing my faith
Sleep would be nice
As it touched my brow
Brought me forth
Delivered me with faith
I’d float through the scenes
Blissfully aware
Of the red roses here
Landing down lightly
On a little island of sand
Melting away desires
Melting away all plans
A sweet surrender
A happiness over me
A happiness is me

Waiting for the Spirit (day 529)

I grow patient as I roam across the tundra
Waiting for the spirit to knock me over
An instance I know will never occur
Lest I be fruitful in my efforts spoils
Take on the wayward glances
Ye mighty soldier of futures designs

Put down your walking stick
And pull through the open doors
Do not lay down yer tired shoulders
Keep the noble dresser in his tight pants

Eyes (day 291)

The eyes of the tired
Close at all hours
The eyes of the tired
Will miss a few verses
The eyes of the tired
Have journeyed through the night
The eyes of the tired
Weren’t idle last night

The eyes of the tired
Say things words cannot portray
The eyes of the tired
Work overtime, on the weekends
The eyes of the tired
Haven’t called their grandmothers
The eyes of the tired
Rest a while with me

Tired (day 32)

Tired this late
When slow songs permeate
Deep into starry nights silent shadows

Pillows and nets
With weighted down blankets
Millions of tiny little hallows

Divine the time
Pick up the books and rhyme
Button up shirts and collar tied bows

Be gone my lad
Fear not the fading fad
Illuminated night a star still glows