Three Marks (day 1954)

She rode the waves of mercy
Climbing with every swell
A Venus in every mystery
Searching the world round

She cried with every bit of
Excitement in the air
Like fireworks in her eyes
A flair inside her heart

She amplified the colours
That rose so bright at daybreak
In every exhale of her breath
More mountains rose to shine

She left three marks to show the way
In a maze of lost lagoons
For every star that awoke at night
Was here for her to stay

Mother’s Heart (day 1385)

When winter swells have chased away
Fleeting moments of bright sunny days,
A gull shall float along the shore
Reminding her of nature’s cyclic core.

For in blasts of thy deepest torrents,
In rain and wind and sun and clouds,
In darkness and in dull fog thick,
There exists forever a chasing of
Heart to the next heart.

Where one began the next shall start,
Just as the last lingers on,
Even the strongest of hearts, aghast at last!
Behold, a tulip before the first of March!

She comes with her an army of life –
Carrying about to and fro,
That march with purpose through every strife,
Conquering even her very last blow.

Ned Tobin - Cariboo Hill Flower Basket

Dreaming of Singing (day 1100)

A range of extremes rushing through my heart
Billows and swells my emotions alive.
So I, all exposure; wind at my neck,
Look to the distance with dreamy eyes sans regret.
Moments that crawl deep in mud
Shaking mystery free from it’s longing and clutching grasp.
A sad song sung alone, echoing off towering cliffs.
A sweet song sung on a bellowing clarinet.
Could you lie to me just a little bit longer?
Rush to my head on a caffeinated high.
Your sprouts in my garden are light in my eyes,
And singing alone’s become quite obscene.

Flow Within (day 590)

If I move aside
Will love swarm in
If I pull outwards
Will it flow within

Dangling roses in front of my nose
I stroke the wild beast with sharpened fangs
Laying beside heavens that rumble with rage
I watch the sunsets roll on in

In this space, it is whole
It is dark corners with sweet soul sounds
And polka dots that swell with pride
Slumbering around in a flowy night-robe