Ancient Seabird (day 2179)

When wounds of Ancient Seabird
Flush over each cresting wave
A reverie ensues
Collected with raindrops
From ocean condensation.
Mother cries, laments,
Spreads her tears
Into spraying breeze
That wafts over heralded rocks
Sentinels standing guard
Waiting for the bleeding
To dampen each succulent
Feeding fears forgotten
And the breath
Of Ancient Seabird.

Golden Iron (day 2148)

Whisper me once silence more
I have a golden iron
Wrack my brain into sweet depths
Let thee mine, forever.
Then why doth evening break again
With no leopards at my back?
I’ve given over each succulent
A tender touch shall remain
For my heart leaps with each raindrop
A flood, or desert storm.

Unforgiven (day 1201)

I cannot be unforgiven.
I cannot untie the lesions
Fluttering around pickaxes
Tickling my mind.
I am an unborn, mon amis,
A shackling wreck
Anchoring my finer points
To big firs and pines.
I am a fascinated child
Playing footsie with a wench,
Smiling shyly.

I cannot be unforgiven.
I cannot backfire my heart
And pickle rabbits in garlic water.
I know I’m one letter flying,
B and my C tiger,
Loading box spring mattress sets
Into Ford Ranger pickups.

I cannot be unforgiven
Selling chanterelles,
Those spicy succulent fungi,
To slightly unhealthy social workers
That pick-pocket Pez dispensers
Out of working hard pre-teens.
This mattress does not fly,
These firs do not bend,
This wench does not grin,
And I am not fickle.

Painfully Slow (day 123)

Slammed like a sinner but soaked like a winner
Bored with no detail, intent on the kill
Awaiting the moment of pure carnal expression
The wall remains oblique to the knots in my neck
The wall remains white with unmutilated desire
All bodies aroused, all shiny and doused
Succulent and rectified, mortified and lulled
Home at last. Together & trying to make it last