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Treasure Chest (day 2131)

Rambling when I remembered to stop
A limb broken and I heard it drop
Methodically stripping naked
A consciously wrapped envelope
Placed at the trunk of a mighty old oak
Who waved back and forth
Silly gamblers marching about
To the tune of engines
Sputtering confusion
And lay raindrops upon folded corners
Which shall leak kava upon this ancient floor
Upon which I rest upon
To humbly assess the treasure chest.

Straightening (day 2067)

I hope
I dream
I run
I stumble
I dust
I tie
I sew
I straighten
I stop
I listen
I realize
I’ve ignored
My hopes

Fade To Black (day 1923)

I don’t want to make my way in a barren landscape
The thought overwhelms me, loses my hope.
It loosens my grip and forces me
Into an unforgiving reality
That stops at every stop sign,
Red lights my deepest dreams,
And perpetuates my winter footsteps,
Fading to black.

Forever Whispers (day 1212)

I once was a whisper.
A long line of tentative
Lisping my way forth.
Faithful but no-one,
Carrying on.
So you can stop your crying,
Stop your denying,
Stop, because: forever
Never ends.

My Stop (day 859)

This is not my stop
This is not where I’m getting off
I have not become lost
But I was just reading
The daily news
And became fascinated
With the going-ons
After which I noticed
You sitting there
With a weird glare
Just like a stare
Which as you can see
Has confused me
As I wait here now
For my right stop

Paris - 07132012 (15 of 61)

Feel Like That (day 827)

It’s been a long time since I woke from death
Layered with unconquered thoughts
Buttoned up with snaps to strip me bare

Visions and nature quests
Visions and serpents
Visions of the omnipresent
Gathering ’round natures ripest tree

You float with me
Like smooth wine through luxury
Shaking off cobwebs with fine tipped pens
Rummaging deep into a shallow purse
And throwing about glitter
Like momma ain’t got no worries

So, I’ve lost my excuses
I ate them with magic mushrooms
Wrapped in fantasy’s glow
Ecstasy, running free like bombs

Like bombs that ring in my ears telling me to stop

Save the Lives (day 613)

Click click twists, CLOCK
Snake the lock into my glock
Firing rounds that never stop

Yes today, not tomorrow
Your eyes fill up, all with sorrow
Line’s end, you’ve killed the sparrow

March march into the dark
Walk no more in sunset park
This man is off: a hungry shark

Blood for blood does not work
A spoon for soup, but not a fork
Save lives, love, let’s work

Stop (day 543)

I do not stop
When I finish
I start again

There isn’t pause
There isn’t hold
There isn’t TO

Go, go, go again
Go, away, again

No relent

Omens (day 103)

Omens come
Omens go
Take them once
Take them all
Never give up
Never throw in
Never forget
Never they stop
There is no picking
There is no choosing
Eyes open
Eyes closed
One mind
One soul
One search
One goal

Still a Good Spot (day 87)

Beyond comprehension
I don’t want to stop
I can’t stop
There is far to much
Around here
That to stop
Would mean
A whole world
Of love, life, excitement
Would be put on hold
And really
Who the fuck
Wants the good to stop?