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Mail (day 1815)

A callused hand is my tomorrow;
You’re never far behind.
Leave alone the matted mess
That flirts with every question
For in the envelope of time
Was never sort of guessing, no,
All that was ever called
To surface of the law
Was packaged neatly, sorted, drawn,
And placed into a manilla – shut
Stamped with half ones love

Mail by Ned Tobin

Soul Behind This Country Boy (day 1484)

When we walked away –
So much still left to say,
It was the night I fell in love with her,
Which was the night I walked away.

I cannot talk of spoken promises,
I’ve never left my soul behind,
But the man that I am living now,
Is the man I’d always known.

I landed here with postage stamps,
Unmarked, unspent, untagged, unused,
Nowhere yet to send them to,
Nowhere left that’s on my mind.

A loner as a country boy –
The stars my greatest friends,
I dug a hole that wasn’t long enough
But I fit into just fine.

I am lost into another time,
Though a little light still does shine,
To which my heart infatuates
And I am the man I’ve always known.

Air Mail (day 1463)

Red, white, and blue
To: From

Ashram Day 25 (day 1428)

Four minus 1
Means what’s begun
Is about to jump
Across the pond.
But little letters
Stamped ‘foreign’
Shall find receipts
In familiar hands.
So you tell me,
Does sand feel good still
Stuck between your toes
Amidst bed sheets?

Mingling (day 954)

Sorting letters
Amongst old stampage
Whispering quietly
At fond memories
And re-reading
My mystery