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Ode to a Forest Tree (day 2115)

Every step you carry with me
A fragrance wafting so free
Your spine tingles the very clouds
Surrounding me, which I see
Which I love and become one
Of every day a deep inhale
That reminds me of pure ecstasy
A true embrace
A truth I remember and carry home
To set my mind upon the ledge
Of your clear visage.

Cottonwood tree - Ned Tobin

My Arbutus Tree (day 1789)

I’ve wasted the jewels of my heart
On my arbutus tree, left
As bark peels my solemn movements
Into a windy road
Lightly misting with a dark mystery
Of dusk setting in
After a long day traveled.
I cannot see for the light,
I cannot hear for the wind,
I cannot feel for my fingers
Have started to scratch too idle
At my knees, left
So bare of a kind woman’s touch
And settled on my mind
With gnarled wisdom in the spine
Of my arbutus tree.

Yellow (day 1570)

Shake your hands little man
Rumble rumble rumble.
Shock proof and submerged
I’ve become a yellow alien
Lost in a foreign land.

Shake it in a glass pint of feel good yellow
Until it hurts so hard nutshell
There begins quite a rumble.
Put your guns outside now,
The blood is run down.

Bitter is the agent of change;
A sour heart upon edges of my spine.
My yellow in the midst of your confusion.
An iron, coyly, in a state of disconnect
And my flattening ceases, rumble rumble.

I hope you found the keys –
Open sitting etched wooden door.
Explanations come out
Flight from a thousand monarch butterflies
In a thousand shades of yellow.

Ashram Day 23 (day 1426)

I am a breath
That lifts up my toes,
Tickles my ankles
And rushes my knees.
I am wind
That fills up my heart;
Left rib to right,
Belly button to spine.
I am an inhale
Refueling my source,
Taking natural bounty
Fully replenishing.
I am an audible exhale
Releasing everything all at once,
Letting my heart, in one motion
Exit out to return.

Swim in Open Waters (day 1326)

I want to swim in open waters
And feel sun upon my spine
As I practice aerobatics;
In time I shall take flight
With birds of sanctity,
Soaring with beautiful brothers.
Here I’ll claim my sight again
With an eye that sees it sees,
A heart that knows it beats,
A hand that feels it feel.
To a space that opens my chest,
My third eye to the sky!
To a lightness of my mind.
And the sun remains the same.

Nautically Bent (day 1249)

I am a lost lover,
And you are my sea.
Over and under
This tumbling breeze.
I arc my bent spine
In day driven toil,
To find my hearth cold
Sea driven wild.
But sailing departure
Windows of torrent,
I find my dear lover
Nautically bent.

Angels Embrace (day 796)

I dance with an angel slithering up my back
Lightly digging her fingernails into points on my spine
Our sweet summer skin melting in the motion
A smooth song hits us in sensitive spots
Ebbing and swelling the tips of our hearts
We inhale each others substance
Focus gathers in tiny beads of sweat
Flickering brightly in the midday sun
Her collar bone eats up my carnivorous thoughts
Tempting my index finger to trace lower edges
Hiding in the shadows, decadent as they wait
She spins, fingers lightly touch my ribs
….and we hold.

Model: Amanda Silvera Photogapher: Maijah Lewk.

Model: Amanda Silvera