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Raindrops off Rooftops (day 2104)

Please don’t take my feeling
Down another empty highway
Like raindrops off rooftops
I’ve been splashing my dreams
All over you, girl.

I’ve found these dotted lines
With my blossoming feeling
As windshield blades swipe clean
My fogging dream, girl
Sweet reverie.

Silhouettes take my eye drops
Far from my Cadillac lollipops
Another roadhouse streetlamp
Flickering hope, girl
I’m taking the next pullout.

Feel in it; another crooked street
Turn me on with a vibrant song
Shake me by a gravity stick
Boom ba-da-boom-boom
And my song goes on.

Foggy Morning Ritual (day 2051)

Carry me off
Thy foggy morning
A dream I cannot remember
Layered vista
Dripping rooftop
A lake that beckons
Thy lonely thoughts
To tarry upon
Each morning ritual
For thy slowest start.

Foggy Morning Ritual by Ned Tobin

City View (day 1461)

From the rooftop
I espied
A Devil glancing
Up my way