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Caveman (day 2129)

I was influenced by a caveman
A landscape with two carved rocks
And fire to keep me awake at night.

We were inseparable
Two rhinestones in a yellow cup
Dead blind in middle earth
Losing daylight hours
In our metronome;
Lessons influenced
By a better man.

Home again, paid again
Leaving marks upon little stones
Giving a poem to memory
On a midnight string and there you are
A stonemason and a better man.

Jack Jump Down Twice (day 2125)

Jumpin juniper berries
Did I ever tell you about the
Hot rocks in the Devil’s Pass
Down South along Whiskey Gorge?
Oh boy oh boy those rocks
I tell ya
Had me jumping half way down that gorge
Didn’t miss a jump
But sure did scare ol Franny
Boy oh boy
She was hollering after me
And the echo of her hollerin’
Had the whole gorge a’shakin’
And me a jumpin
Oh boy oh boy
Those hot rocks down South!

Nubian-Ibex watercolour painting by Ned Tobin

Burning Star (day 2102)

Lucifer has finally come to me:
Rocketships still burning fuel so fast
Emptiness everywhere is filling up
All around I feel the burning sun
In my mind it is just like a star
To which I feel consumption in my bones
it is wild and threatening here
Dancing madmen with twice bigger guns
Adam’s father and his henchmen all around
My feet can never leave a solid rock.
Lucifer has finally come to me.

Eroding (day 2050)

Loveless and love loss
The nature of a sulk’n heart
Band around my middle name
Forever leaving marks

River runs through every rock
Stepping off the dock
Eroding goes away my time
Raven watches mine

Truth displayed upon deep bark
Mountain high, valley low
Scratching at my back
Needles upon our heavy ground

Sting My Dream (day 1971)

I want to be the sea
Cold water rushing up
Unfurl my tongue
And every cup
Salty hope to sting my dream
Barnicle my soul whole
And flee away low tide
Rattling rocks wash away
Never still and beating on

Island Dribble (day 1962)

My island leaks
It dribbles uncontrollably
On passing dolphins
And soaks mosses
That covers hardwood
And little squirrels
That come hither
Jump and play
In each their puddle
Falling calmly
Upon dark rocks
That take away
My islands dribble

Heart & Soul (day 1779)

When I crawled to the edge of a forever span
I got so close to a miracle
I laid my nose right down to the stone
And breathed in the dirt that was my heart and soul

When I reached so high from the up most top
My mind was scorching in an unbent sky
With rainbows and eagles far below
I was a full thought in a twinkling eye

When I caused each leaf to rock and sway
From an ebb and flow in my very glow
I sent my prana to behold the world
To return double-fold, with such secrets that’d never been told.

Golden trees along the PNW coastline of Vancouver Island, Canada

Ode to the River (day 1762)

From your wild edges I stand
Your mysterious torrent
Carries my heart back and forth
Up and down
Catching little glimpses of what
Dares to ride your furious wave
And my imagination takes me wildly
Over and around the sharp rocks
I know you pass by
For I, standing here,
In awe upon the jagged edges
Of my wildest imaginations
By your side
Perched upon the sharp ledge
With a vantage of your toil.

Thompson River just East of Kamloops

At Nothing Rest (day 1670)

I’ve left my full moon walking the shoreline, skirting the tides that flush out madness awake and away.

Can your heart feel the holy trinity at rest?

Rocks I picked up and felt cursing through my palm left light stains upon my fingerprints I had washed thoroughly before opening my eyes. I laid down and felt the uncomfortable massage upon my twisted back and hoped the pain would soon ease its way back toward the crashing ocean cooling my pride.

Here, from my breasts, a light slowly eroded my choice.

Lightly brushing my consciousness were scattering rocks and squawking seagulls rummaging the midday sun like a busy squirrel exercising it’s memory.

I was gone, and this is what was left.

Landslide (day 1659)

As grateful as a rock could be
Would every pebble fail to see
The romantic air forcing thee
Into the earth, never to be free.

Perhaps it’s ignorance to not believe
Such life is misery,
Forever free, I am the bee
Landslide and I am set free.

Landslide by Ned Tobin

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