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Restless Before Bedding (day 2160)

Long days ahead
Leave restless moments
Brooding time
Spreading wings
In magnificent arches
Before finally
Tucking into
And bedding down.

Restless People (day 1317)

There are people upon people
That I have never known,
That have weaved their web to
Shatter my efforts,
Until their essence infects
Even my laziest of days,
Unbuttoning my blouse.
Here I rest, alone.
Wrestling with the little lambs
That elude my grasp,
Leaving me restless at night.

Unsurfaced (day 1203)

Search for me in unanswered ponies.
Call and listen to wind floating.
For I have never let it out yet,

Wasted highways of uncharted lands
Lasting like lost favors in a long line
Cause I’m a favor;

It exists to thyself
And the game’s been answered.
A rule you’re a part of.
Tremble on.

South of the river
Highway stoned look
In a sea of open windows

Never Anarchy Love (day 1045)

It’s never the end all
The catch your breath
And look back a second time.
It’s never anarchy,
Two bits vying for love.
It’s a death trap,
And Boris is dead.

We aren’t the restless,
We’re the owners:
Ruthless and cheap.
Talking back and rigging it,
Cheap thrills and lose tongues
And leaving worthless, spent.

Cause I’m not alive
– Horribly penniless –
Missing all the good times.
I walk with arms open
For your outstretched revolution
To move my soul.
To catch me
To look back and
For all my breath, moments
Stretched into life and death.

Camp Not, Restless Soldier (day 255)

How can the passage of time lend its ear to the wonton desires
Further to the earnest soldier standing erect in check
Should the immovable objects be challenged to a dual?
Pierced like a bird-song, early in the morrow

Camp not, restless soldier
Push forth while thy still has the power

Four long nights I’ve waited by this step
Imagining every passing breath to come at last
Nay, just the cruel cruel glow of thou moon
Shines down as if mine own third eye

Camp not, restless soldier
Push forth wile thy still has the power

Enslaved by the cruel witch of this story
Set in stone; too young to hurt, much too old to die so tragic
Living in fear has increased thou arc
Set deep inside thy soul of consciousnesses cloud

Devil Dances (day 106)

To lie into yourself
Pleases no one
When fighting tears
The love
It wont please you
Lost in restless fears
Anxiety ridden
Devil dances
Falling forth
With unfilled jibberish
Otherwise known as
The love

So love