Wildflower (day 2116)

Dancing through the Kingdom of Joy
Alone, the rupture had a sentence
A package of unexpected buoyancy
Laid about thy path.

Oh, shame shame the clouds have come
Accept thy fate and look back no more
Forgive each breath you once deplored
Let run deep thy river’s mane.

Stepping aside, a willow tree
Called thy name twice in vain
But on the third day, as time began
A shift in conscience pulled at thee.

Then with a rod of sixfold and reel
Twang at last, the pauper’s gold
Gifting all that had been told
Left alone in a field of wildflowers.

Mistaken (day 1297)

Mistaken identities reel me,
They collapse my reason
And shuffle my logic into
Tiny boxes that are overflowing
And upset and forgotten,
Lisping away in the corner
With curse words and condemnations.

I filter my logic on some days,
Letting it roll over me in a
Slow head nod with raspberry pudding.
But in the end of most of these days,
I’m still left reeled: reeling.
Misunderstood and forgotten,
Turned away at the door,
Catching my breath and lying awake
At midnight, mistaken.

Suspended In Mid-Air (day 783)

I center my balance as I reel
Slowly out of peace
While loosely around me clutters
Lost fragments of my memory

I cannot counter distress
That flutters here
Suspended in mid-air
Waiting to attach itself
To unsuspecting passersbys

I, the unsuspected
Shelter my innocence
With umbrellas for the sun
Reflecting glances
Off my glaring receptacles

I know not the distress
Left steaming from blacktop
Covering your deepest desires
Near the corners of your heart

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