Treasure Chest (day 2131)

Rambling when I remembered to stop
A limb broken and I heard it drop
Methodically stripping naked
A consciously wrapped envelope
Placed at the trunk of a mighty old oak
Who waved back and forth
Silly gamblers marching about
To the tune of engines
Sputtering confusion
And lay raindrops upon folded corners
Which shall leak kava upon this ancient floor
Upon which I rest upon
To humbly assess the treasure chest.

Dimes (day 1473)

Sure, flick flies off the dashboard.
A lonely state of mind,
Flipping dimes to catch a rhyme
To fill up these holes.
A sad song isn’t it,
It’s rambling on.
It’s a deserted road
On a long haul,
Fifth gear kind of haul
In a ’79 automobile.

Dimes by Ned Tobin