Un-Enchanted (day 2321)

No words to this song
All lost in the clouds
Hovering closely by
– A sadness knowing
Of this deepened change.

Yet what could I do?
What can I do?
What worth is life lived
Lacking pursuit?
Not to share
Dreams that I dare?
Remaining as silent as this song;
To not have asked
For your love?

So it doth appear
That the heart
Of our revered damsel
Remains lost to this
Repent sadness;
My dreams shan’t ring
As fair summer warmth.
No song can be sung,
Hovering as it may,
To ears that remain
Un-enchanted, un-chained.

Onward (day 830)

Nothing can explain to me how shallow my pursuit has become
These little drops of innocence don’t break my heart
They tear away my idle hours in bright light fashion
They slit my throat while I stand idle gurgling in the clear air
And caress my weak sin with fabricated desire of adolescence

Here is where I float on, I laugh at distinction
That hands my soldiered frame a paper napkin
Attempting to regulate my copulating heart
Distracted in all it’s splendid gallantry by guns and money
Deeply seating my cold ways into the arms of anarchy
Leading astray the happy holidayers into darkened alleys
Filled with a sulk and a happy hour drink umbrella

Don’t crash my mission statement
Laying there idle in the parking lot
Affix the direction, ignite the heart!
Onward, my god man, onward to the stars
Let it be there and beyond, let it be the future!

Spins of Sand (day 224)

Energy flows about like the spins of sand
Gathering around nipples, digging in deep
Flow like the wind and breathe like the groan
Bring with me any source of desire
Collapse with me at the end of time
Completely filled up from the pursuit
Sharing, giving, receiving, becoming
You, me, we, in a long dip down and glorious endeavor
Warmingly sharing the space for forever

Infatuated (day 201)

The eyes of desire
The pursuit of deceit
The longing romance
The hate of an enemy

The benign qi
The solitary zen
The journey begun
The path long run

The light at the end
The goal of the day
The challenge set forth
The inner demand

The kiss on the cheek
The late night ring
The dream all alone
The number in red

The waking hour of thought
The song of the dance
The tune of the heart
The first romance

The price on the tag
The numbers on the flag
The spots on surface
The seamless finish