Snake (day 1258)

Snake is curling round and round
And I keep wondering how you sound,
Silent, slither, snake your mind
Nether regions of my spine.

But not here, master, it is not safe.
Your warmth is tingling but cannot stay.
My eyes they roll, they say I prey;
Today I run and snake away.

You are my habit, you are my warmth,
You are the curling round and round.
Little thing that wiles and worms,
I wish more moments just to play.

My Land | Chapter IV (day 1127)

As I tracked along the worn path like a good ghost, I watched the pack instinctively. I wasn’t lost in thought, I was the eagle as it circled it’s prey.

I moved past around a lose crop of pines. They held my cover from the resting wolves that lay lapping at the blood soaking their paws and fur. I could smell them just by looking at them, though I was still four houndred yards away.

My long rifle was itching in my hands. I could hear her dancing on my shoulder and looking for a reason.

I can’t win every game of poker but I’ve sure got a good shot when I’m done.

A pioneer must do what a pioneer must get done, and this was my long barrel, the law maker true.

My long barrel smelt of the oil I cared for her with. She had come with me on the pioneer trail, from the eastern seaboard of North America. I had bought it from a gun runner who had probably taken it from the dead hands of an Apache. Regardless, it was a good gun. I was never scared the Apache would catch me (they would have recognized it in the way only a warrior can), I was a quick shot. I was afraid they’d catch me and I’d have no ability to fend for our lives.

[note: to read the full epic track my land]

With The Eagle (day 928)

The Eagle flies with me tonight
Around tall lean trees
The anger of cold winds
Flexing thunder in eyes of darkness
With whispers lightly tossed with Zeus’s talons

And I – with my cry – let fall great prey
Great beasts of ancient lineage
Who scream loud
When I soar near

I am gliding through torrents tonight
With the Eagle by my side

Friedrich von Spotzenpaws (day 667)

When I run I am empowered!
A being all should regard
Long graceful steps
And speed! NONE can match my speeds
My finest hour
Is captured in the chase
When I lock my sights on
Terrified victims of prey

I am the KING!
I am to be feared!
Respect me, not by force
But by observing
Habits of my life
This is me alive
Now watch as I go
Take flight!

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