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More (day 2130)

My human memory lays awake at ungodly hours
Where you never let me know
I’m not going to play the piano any more
My fingers worn, nails are torn
Sending home the witness here
Messenger with another score
To bring at last, to bring me more.

Adore (day 1882)

Lover be my undying
Let my foot damp thy path
As sun still sets
My love will rest
Between all fancies your play
And in the morning when we wake again
Let’s hold all dreams some more
As whimsies take away delay
And floating is our route ahead
And to our nose shall always rouse
What heaven best can send

Betwixt Breaths (day 1849)

We are all lonesome lovers
Shivering in and amidst breaths of lovers,
Shaking cobwebs that illuminate
Brief moments of terror and grasping
In a way that never quite becomes us.
Yet laughter sounds cheerful,
Spells swirl betwixt elated breaths
And night dies down
Into faint yellow spotlights
That ominously glow to remind us
It’s not yet morning.

And in a moment he heard her speak
And night did come alive!
All around was sparkling truths
That moaned against the moon,
While pixies danced and ran around
A beaming fire in play,
And there, as it was,
Made just for us to touch,
Warmth of everlast did lay,
Till morning had its way.

Charm Bracelet (day 1691)

My heart crawled in late
To the after hours disco.
I wore too much black,
To little eye liner.
I had leather soles,
Not these leather souls
All the latex and spandex
Kids wore like charm bracelets
Around their wrists in play.
And I didn’t jingle enough.

Charm Bracelet by Ned Tobin

Howl Right Back (day 1277)

If it wasn’t for all the time I spend
Laying in bed wild and free,
I’d have surely lost all my passion
To be here now with you.
For when the moon howls at me
And tells me strongly to:
“Avoid the day, avoid the stone,
Set your spirit free.”
I’m often inclined to howl right back
Singing my favorite song.
But my heart! How it rides!
How it holds my hands and squeezes!
I’m in too far, I’m comfortable,
And my coffee gets delivered to me.

How can I go on wondering,
How does time elude my plan,
Did I walk off with silly games
I’d never make it home to play?

A memory that comes to me
Usually sets me free.
Like Hindenburg, Heidelberg,
Like Huxley, Hoyt, and Hank.
Like one thousand soldiers
Returning home
After two years of endless war.
Like comfort that you give me
As I lay side by side with you,
I reach into my back pocket
And expose my satisfaction,
I’m home.

They Have Got Me (day 1013)

I have got angels.
They dance around naked with long blonde locks
And sing amongst each other banging a drum.
Whenever I stand up to join the chorus
They stop and they wonder and stare at me lost;
It’s not a ‘what the hell is he doing’ stare,
But a ‘caught in the crossfire of beauty’ look.
They tell me my voice is why they stay
Dancing around here, naked as they play.
I have no reason to not believe my angels
For when I am lonely, they are my commitment.
They are what brushes past my face after tears flow,
They are what flickers in my early morning eyes,
They are the cinnamon spicing my sauce,
They are what smooths my sleepy brow out.
My angels cannot do me wrong.
No matter what song perches about their supple lips,
Their fingers dance nimbly through the air.
When they dream of things I cannot yet see,
Their drum echoes through my heart
And I imagine that I can indeed see their spells,
– Woven upon me so tight –
And I hear even in daylight they’re not far away.
When I begin dancing, when I share their dream,
I know I have got angels, and they have got me.

Johnny Johnny Say-So (day 673)

Tulip too long
I’ve grown a song
For you, it’s done
And it is long

The day does shine
As we break rhyme
Jesters of mine
We pass the time

Watch as I roll
A simple stroll
One modest toll
Where I dare loll

Aha! You see!
We can not flee
You there and me
So full of glee

No road shall end
No man shall bend
We sew and mend
Don’t dare offend

You see, my guest
With all the rest
Courtly the best
You say I jest?

Not I, I say
On this fine day
I walk and play
It is my way

We walk and sing
And cowbells ring!
Up up we swing
Then down laughing!

aHappyRatJohnny Johnny can be purchased here.

Little Panda (day 534)

Little panda
Where is it thou roam?
Does he run to safety?
Or off to mothers food?

Little panda
Cute in your spots
Meet here tomorrow
To play once again