Rain – part IV (day 2264)

(part III)

I told the hungry stranger
That he could spend the night
In the hay barn, where I pointed
He said he’d hoped as much
As I gave him the eggs
And a warm cup of tea.
He asked if I had a cigarette
But I hadn’t one to my name
“Thought I’d try,” he said
“You don’t look like much of a smoker.”
Living as a bachelor
I kept a pretty clean house
The dog kept me in order
If ever I let things slip too much
My father had made sure that I understood
What it meant to have gravitas
As a man, the responsibility
Of keeping my ethics strong
And my morals rich,
A keen sense of duty to myself
My community, and to do the right thing.

part V

Disrupting The Peace (day 445)

Gawking here at that fine element of morals
Stepping aside for only the cracks
Enemies launch at the side of your being
Purveyors balk at your coming countenance

All through the streets
The lights turn their glow
The snickers come now
Out from below

Put on for the war cries
Lashed out for dispute
Sinners and followers
Walk on in a row

Disrupting the peace
The ancient birds to declare
At once, set in flight
The cats they all glare

With leather pulled tight
Dark hair everywhere
The riddler launches on
Night showers the air