Departure (day 2492)

I tried so hard to fall away
Watching birds criss-cross my surreal expression
So far up in the sky
Two echos that I did not make
Reached my open ear
To which I gathered into a light basket
My designs I had carried so far
To set the mood I had intended
Now which I slowly departed from

How Do You Like My Red Sweater, Mama? (day 860)

I told you mother I’m really not in the mood to be talking about it
It’s been on my mind and bothering me for a few weeks now
And we’ve discussed all the options
I haven’t come to any conclusions about it and I’m really not sure what to do
I know that you would love to help me
But mother, I end up getting excited and upset when we carry on this way
You just shake your head after you know it all and judge me
It always just turns into you telling me you told me so
That you have brought me up better than this
And I just can’t take that right now
Mama, I love you.
How do you like my red sweater, mama?

Heidelberg - 20120802 (9 of 33)

Ruckus, and Other Saintly Practices (day 776)

Touch me as I lose control of my breath
Lower my eyes into the depths of fire
Invite my courage to span this low lit mood
Rumble over my curves like the moon
Encourage my glow to seek thy skin
With an eruption of goosebumps
Curl around my exposed knees
Bend until you’re wrapped so dearly close
Loosely drape sheets about your naked breast
Skirt my attention with tangles of your hair
Blow upon my fingers as you read about their days
Measure out the distance to the embers of my heart
Icy cold hands make your heart flutter flutter
Sip upon the brow of this thickly layered elixir
Put between your lips the essence from a kiss

A Calm Exhale (day 725)

A peaceful song pulls at my thoughts
Sweeping my soul through a meadow
Filled with low hanging weeping willows
And a gurgling brook
With tufts of grass flanking that stream
Fuzzy colours all around
Like a post-impressionist dream
Filtered through the eyes of societies insanity

The only thing trampling the mood
Is the outside world blaring from a tube
Shucking the calm that flows within
Into a frustration so pitted it groans
A casual breath turns towards forced
Focusing on zen, the art of happiness
Resisting the urge to call out and reform

With one simple application of a minor force
Sounds die out, echoing in the walls
Crafting witty remarks amongst the plants
That reflect the incandescent glow
A warm glow of a settling mood
Relaxing within the peaceful song
Sweeping my pressured edges towards their sheaths
And collapsing my insanity into a calm exhale

Black Licorice / Nobodies Darlings (day 720)

I remember watching you dance
It’s a slow song and there’s more emotion in your face
Then the hands floating around unconsciously
It’s a mood, a sly smile
A knowing smile that you know I’m smiling
We ain’t nobodies darlings
We’re crawling around on the floor
Dirty knees and loose nails in the parquet flooring
Making dreams in the air with punctuation marks
Black licorice tea in oversized beer mugs

I’ve indulged here all day
Fruitful indulgence without even leaving the bed
Sharing gospel truths and confident encouragement
Fretting woes with stronger advice

It’s the good days that last
Scaring away the drought like a vulture
One hundred miles in the air and fading fast
Broken in the land but hope on the horizon
It’s summer time, and nobodies left alone

Memories I’ve Still Got (day 371)

There is nothing wrong with the mood
There is no point in living without the emotion
Like a sad song that plays on repeat
There is no other choice but the long list of emotions
There is no other way
But to sit here, spending my life
Hiding my heart away
Into little boxes awaiting memories
That will grow their own safety nets
That will find their own road
Away through the vault of time
Like a painted canvas laid down in a fury
That’s blown down one million walls
Blasted through the little raptures in space
As they grabbed out like the innocent chains of time
I will spend my whole life writing
I will make my whole life lasting
I will hope for the life lasting
Into the arms of the memories I’ve still got