On the Run (day 2282)

My hair is getting longer than
I care to let it get
But my teeth get brushed
And I shower in a tap
Near by every morning.
I haven’t seen a razor
Since I’ve left my sheeted bed
But I know life’s just right
The way I ride
An iron horse
Through the day’s open sky.
I’m on the run for bits of fun
And lots of seriousness
To find my own
In a land far off
Where I’ll know no one again.
I eat my meals by picnic bench
And chop my food with a pocket knife
And fall to sleep nearly every night
As the sky says it’s goodnight.

Rain – part III (day 2263)

(part II)

He said he was heading to Lawrence town
His maw and paw grew up there
And they’d just passed on
Said he hadn’t eaten in two days
Been on the long road straight through.
I said I had some boiled eggs
That I’d share
I suggested they might be better
Than the raw ones
Said he didn’t mind much
But would be much oblidged of them.
The chickens were healthy
Plenty eggs a day to share.
Still cautious,
I decided I would invite him in
As I boiled a few more eggs for him
For his long journey, long road
Especially as it rained
I figured he’d like the warmth.

part IV

Carry Me (day 1728)

You don’t have to carry me;
My long lines have touched the floor
And I’ve taken all of my clothes off
To bare everything I’ve got
And you’re not one of that.
Not your wary heart
Or your passive thoughts
Or even the calloused moments
Between making love
And walking away.
This is my burden
And you don’t have to carry me.

Horizons Blurred (day 834)

I am sad and lonely
I am the glass that’s been all drunk
Walking along a long straight road
Horizons blurred
Sunlight’s hot
Another day

I am waiting to call your name
I am a symbol of fate
Setting my eyes upon the skies
Circling thoughts
Longest lost
Savior becoming

I am a wooden chair in dusty sunlight
I am spared another year
Reading dusty books
Too awake
Settling fate

Count Fluffle-Waggle (day 666)

Ahem. Monsieur
Monsieur of the long yarn
I see you’ve begot such a mess
Such a wrinkle of deposition
Allow my services
My long legged friend
I’ll just pat here a bit
And pull on this such a while
This also needs tugging
Are you there?
Hello Monsieur, well…
It appears we’ve gathered quite a dilemma
You and I
You see
We’ve become entangled in a buggle
Quite the situation with yarn
With this playfully soft bundle
As it’s happened to become now
…shall we call for some help then?

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To Make This Ending Alright (day 540)

There is no age that is old enough
There are no journeys long enough
No steps that take you high enough
No song that lasts long enough
To make this ending alright

Your infinite smile that greeted guests
Lingers long after the visit rests
Lawnmower rides with a mile wide smile
Together, no memory strong enough
To make this ending alright

The time we’ve shared
Has taken me into a land
Far beyond dreams and into
The hands of strength and belief
To make this ending alright

So now is not the time to fret
Time to weep into our sorrow
It’s time to praise the lasting life
That fills our remaining breath
To make this ending alright

~this poem is to give strength to all of you out there, healthy or sick, to fight and enjoy every last breath you have~

Forever in The End (day 121)

A line begins
But a line must end
So shall sun
So shall the wind

But love that curls
And love that whirls
Should make thou smile
Under all that’s else

I want you happy
If it means I’m sad
I want your worries
In a far off land

Then you couldn’t frown
Or bend that soft brow
With troubles far away
Many a long gone day

It shall never be changed
My sturdy feet I have
I’ll be here forever
Till you’ve found your strength

One day, my lover
One day shall soon
Call upon each other
To bend around the moon

And in this day
At this day of judgement
We’ll only ask ourselves
Did I follow my heart?

Oh Wait (day 20)

Anxiously awaiting
With feeble breath
Nervously busying
Anxiously waiting

To late, it’s happened
It’s come and gone!
It’s been here and went
Oh dear, to late

But wait! Just maybe
Just maybe that beep
Wasn’t the beep I missed
Just maybe it failed

Oh look, oh dear
It’s been far to long
I think I cannot dare
Oh dear, oh my.