Find You Here (day 2180)

I never wanted to catch you here
Between poplars, cedars, Douglas fir
Bending each midday breath
No, I never wanted to find you here
In lush green grass and blooming lilacs.

I had a dream that felt the wind
So here I came to let you in
I never wanted to find you here
Though my ancient roots held me near
My leaves they blew into air
With grasping hands I let you float
Though in my mind I never lost
What you knew now was dandelion
And I never wanted to find you here.

My Baby Does (day 2090)

Who makes me
My baby, my baby
Who leaves me
My baby, my baby
Who runs to me
My baby, my baby
Who hears everything I do
My baby, my baby
Who lies to me
My baby, my baby
Who works me
My baby, my baby
Who keeps me up at night
My baby, my baby
Who makes me howl loud
My baby, my baby
My baby, my baby
My baby, my baby

Autumn’s Wick (day 1937)

As Autumn’s candle blows clouds away
Sharpness enters into this day
At the cost of blue one cannot say
The geese should fly today.
But as Hermes doth say,
“Winter, come our way,”
So must we abide by nature’s law.
And here we are amidst the fray
Swirling leaves on an Autumn day,
And frost spreading it’s silver lining
Along the open grass
With little paw prints
Bustling here and there,
To prepare for Winter’s deep lair,
Shelter and warmth bites the air
Though Autumn’s wick doth get shorter.

Autumn's Wick by Ned Tobin

Pull Yourself Together, Man (day 509)

Pulled apart by the systematic changes dropping down upon my tattered shoes that I’ve left long ago at a doorstep, never to return to. But oh, so lonely the walks have begun to become without the trendy flash flickering it’s way through the eyes of all the girls that dress in fur coats and hot sunglasses. Don’t destroy the value lines hidden beneath the coating of champion sauce. Don’t wash off that layer of adolescent desire like a grimy layer of sweat… It’s hard work!. I’ll be happy taking the easy road from here on out without the sanded streets killing my rust, man.

Take leave. Take the bust game and bat that sand bag into the earth’s green green grass. Take the short stick and walk with a wobble. Leave the bag of empty tricks alone and forget your wineskin on the counter in a house you’ll never return to.

Foreign music cursing through my veins alone on this park bench. The night that knows my name whistles through the trees with high contrast and annoying light flirts. But the howling wind lets my hair play an un-titled orchestra with pipes that haven’t yet been replaced for the newer, electric type. Oh, you thought we’d be upgrading did you?

Long lists of grocery bills folded into uncanny piles of forgotten trash leaving customary hand-swipes along the cheap bedroom furniture that just feels like it’s wrong. These same receipts that bought me happiness and bought me bitterness and bought me bills that make my pants heavy in the crotch with depression and soaking rage against this onslaught of commercial advertisements bombarding my sensories like a blossoming orgasm that’s been building for the past 5 months.

Greed seeping in like a like button on a risque photo with blurred out nipples. Danger alerts the drug addicts that wait along the edge of the street hoping for new hits but fearing the police that roam around the corners of the danger district. Hookers down the alleys pissing in paper bags and smiling with missing tooth grins, black eyes, and a faces that’ve been turned into a potato bags. Long sacks and cold nights and wet hair and shaggy beards and pants hovering around ankles with flaps of skin showing from places nobody wanted to see today.

When did you last shower?