Each Torrent (day 2177)

Wisdom calls in the elements
And smiles to each torrent and fury
Wisdom tramples upon no minion
Takes no weakened arrow
And pulls no tender feather
Wisdom spews no fallacy
Nor isolates convenient truths
Wisdom sweeps no dirt
Under our very own beds
Wisdom holds space
For every voice to share
And walks hand in hand
To the center of the square
A march of justice
With a silent peace flag
Wisdom charges the air
With truth and an open heart.

Machine Gun Sunrise (day 1315)

Born with a soldier on my back,
A militarically kind of fight.
I marched for justice.
I marched with a heavy heart.
And you step on your way?
You take leave without wisdom,
And miss all these unspoken thoughts.
And if mother In Control
Makes an exit from a foolish heart,
Leave diamonds on the floor;
Take our mirrors down at night.
Truth is not in an insult!
Let’s be born again,
An ocean in the sky!
And nighttime falls
To machine gun sunrise.

Dainty Little Pixies (day 1010)

Could law we broke figuratively
Demand our justice?
Like clippings sealed in thick books
Observing penance,
Freely battling justifications
And counting down days until extinction.

A cold winter’s breath blows
While a dainty little pixie dances
Towards destruction’s edge.
Flirting with every step,
Every essence of being,
Until fluttering about in a daze;
Imploding into decay

Warrior Cry (day 567)

I’ve tried to pull the gun a thousand times before
Planning with unending tenacity
Sifting through the dusty pages of yesterdays notes
While I watch my brothers pull away with theirs
I see the champions hold their trophies proud
And still I cry for justice to revenge
I struggle with my ends that dare cut down the strings
That weave a heavy cobweb like the clouds above
I try with intelligence to seal away my fate
To push my luck with effort after work
But still as I pray upon my victims: few

Then out of the dark
A lone warrior cry rings
That brother of lust
The one that was lost
Gathers his weapons
And races off to the fight