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Inevitable Spring (day 2099)

My inevitable spring
Slopes Eastward from here
Awakened by long train stops
Eclipsing my moon
Which cannot bare to withhold
Another day without you
But without silent winter
I cannot let go of autumn
So carefully pruned
As knitters of cocoons
Lay under aurora borealis
To watch Icarus
Climb as a nighthawk
Like my midnight winter moon
Alone again
Lost in a scape of twinkling
And gravitas bound.

Old Lore (day 2086)

Whisper as I walk a while
Of ten thousand year old tales
I yearn to hear the one about
The Hero’s great valour
And when the trail widens out
Don’t tell me of Icarus
I want the stormy seas of y’or
Poseidon’s great lore.