If Roads Began To Wind (day 646)

If words like these did sting your ears
If flowers no longer blossomed in your eyes
If roads began to wind for you
Forever may those distrust in me

If I spoilt the love I have today
For a love I won’t have tomorrow
Then let a darkness be the bearer
Of steps I do declare

If my virtues contrast my ways
If my habits exceed my grace
Then let my name ring out in laughter
As a man who toiled his life in vain

If a blade took my life tonight
The ice pulling down my being
If an end does finally come of it
And sets my soul to float away
Which pierces through your heart in pain
Then let your suffering be felt by me
What my dying breath shall whisk away

Winter’s Air (day 635)

I opened my heart today
Let it dry out in the winter air
Unbeknownst to me
A snowflake
Built upon infinite possibilities
Floated about my heart
Landing in a precious spot

I felt it glisten
In that cold winter air
Tingling sensation to the tips of my toes
Flirting with the edges of a smile

When just as easily
Just as simply as the path of the flake
A teardrop formed
Occupying the folded regions
Of my shaded eye
Drying in the winter’s air

Black Automobile (day 624)

Do you have a twin sister?

Because if you say you don’t know me
I’m certain we’ve met once before…

It was raining, and cold
I was walking home with one hand in my pocket
The other was carrying a yellow plastic bag
With my tall book tucked away neatly inside
I looked at your car there
Shining and black
It was a rare automobile
And I commented on that
You waved your hair, eyes glared at me
A look that would leave most men cowering
Me? Nah. It didn’t fool me
We were good friends in a previous life
That’s how I knew we’d met again
Long forgotten hide-and-seek game
We found each other again, didn’t we?
Did you get that same feeling?
Little butterflies in your stomach
Knees that started to shake
And breath that came in short wisps?
I sure did, not because of the look
It was the memories that flooded back
Years had passed in searching
Where only a calendar could tell what we’d lost
I felt your heart flutter
In spite of your cool demeanor
That’s why I never looked back
When you told me to get in that
Rare black automobile
That’s why it hurt me so much
When you drove that car away

Sweep Away (day 621)

Swooping down to greet earth
Sands of serenity blow in from beyond
Groping all with each passing second
An hourglass figure high into the sky
One step forth into winds of change
Takes away sad thoughts
Takes away deep regret
Takes away wallowing injustice
Attacking the littlest of extremities
Upon soul’s troubled mind

Eyes closed and arms outstretched
Deep breaths that fuel sands
Crawl up the spine of soul
Into central nerves that regulate movement
Where a shake begins to take control
Into the heart of passion
Into the soul of hunger
Into open arms of love
Until the last drop of mal-content
Fades off into wicker brooms
That sweep away forgotten thoughts

Shifting Conscience (day 618)

Aches off the coast of your dying heart
Wallow in darkening corners of my eyes
My shifting conscience begs of you forgiveness
Sourly settling into this big-ol-comfy couch

Do not wallow in misery that follows choices
Gaining entrance into back rooms of smokey bars
Cold glasses and top shelf stuff
Free lap dances all night long

Revel in freedom’s advances
Hit the high notes like a 9 year old choir boy
Smoke the last cigarette until the last duck call doesn’t work
And then we shall reign victorious

For deep within the advances of your grieving heart
Rests a moth, fluttering it’s wings
Preparing for the coming months ahead
Where you too shall learn to fly like a butterfly

Replenish Thee (day 609)

I sang out loud for the burden that wasn’t mine
Felt it deep, deep inside this ol’ heart
Sunk me in my despair to my knees
Streaking tears spoiled these dusty cheeks


The grass that grows ’round my breath
Be it thine savior, blue skies above
Take my sorrow away, reap me of mine madness
Circle thou hands ’round my soul
Carry me away with thee, off to the sea
Where salt will lap at my wounds
Replenish this ol’ heart with vigor
Fill me, and let me free
Of this burden that isn’t mine

Hugs at the Door (day 569)

A comfy chair places me at home
Wrinkles that each tell a story
Smile back at me, or
Crease as I sit amongst the pillows

Memories float through the air
Of a time long gone now

It’s funny how we remember things
Like they were just yesterday
Sometimes the memories
Are built into photographs

Slightly raw on the edges
Handled for years

I think the biggest prize
Of all the nooks and crannies
That is found at home
Is in the heart that hugs me at the door

Do You Know the Sensations (day 549)

Draw me closer with your breath that’s been so long from my neck
Sensation that crawls along my hips through your fingers
Curls around my shoulders and grabs hold of the back of my conscience

On a journey I didn’t pack enough for
In a rhythm mixed of every song created before

Do you know the sensation you give me when your silent words reach my ears?
Spiraling downwards through my veins into my racing heart
Too much madness gathering around my concentration

Enter the song where angels sing
Floating down the gurgling Xijiang