Ladies of the Night (day 521)

Standing naked amongst ladies of the night
No desire spreads between my legs
Save for deep warmth emanating from their porcelain skin
Pulsating waves at my shivering limbs
And throwing deep angles into my conscience
Collapsing all truths into forever gones
Knowing not whispers that get sent
As I turn towards the door
Looking back only at silhouettes
That shimmer in dim light
Rochette off the floor to ceiling mirrors
That grace the space where ladies of the night
Plot and seek revenge

Cool With Desire (day 148)

Enigmatic with a passion
Cool with desire
Fierce with a murmur
Alive with innocence

Tucked away like the cold and blue fingers
Neatly entombed by the dear winter’s frost
Humbly walking along the moist particles thaw
Glazed amongst the solid tear drops

With memories
Come grace
With enemies
Come face

Twisted Regrowth (day 60)

Callused hands retire the nails
Deep within the stones
Breaking bricks with mortar encrusted
Lifeless disdain

Truth! Let it last forever
Let if flow from the origins
Through the fields of glassy cotton
Past the trees, grandeur in size

Given time the growth shall rupture
the pin pricked stones
Covering all ground with divine grace
Seeping sin like blood transfusions

Alas the truth it envisions
A new look, upon the dry bones
Capturing every bit of dead skin
The growth shall offer: forever bliss