Back Endings (day 2283)

I never wanted to fall apart like this
Leaving pages bent and pencils broken
My back pages are written upside down
And my back pockets are filled with memories
That keep reminding me I’ve gone away.
Rusty backstops echo number five
From a once was now gone away
And we might send a letter
To remind you we’re far from you are home.
I close my eyes and wind lays your whispers
Upon my hardly kempt whiskers
With leaves blowing too early now
For autumn to be upon us,
Yet every breath I hear coming towards me
Leaves traces of my sadness
Rolling along to the tune of the trans-Canada
Like coyotes howling in the night
Reminding me you’re far away.
But I don’t want to say goodnight
I don’t want to wipe the tears
That cool my evening breeze,
I want to take back my endings
I never meant to write down
In a love poem I never meant to send,
No, I want to listen to the stars
Until connection has been made
And my back pockets hold bits of paper
Your pencils wrote to me.

Back Endings by Ned Tobin

Dreams of Sunsets (day 1796)

I cried a sunset
Into my hands,
I wished a star goodnight,
I heard the whisper
Of a willow
In night’s softest blow.
And then a form
Like magic appeared
Before my open eyes,
To tell me of
A far off land
That I should visit soon.
But to my surprise
My far away eyes
Began to fade like sun,
And my soft start
Began to slow
As night I did behold.

Goodnight (day 842)

…and in the end
I could hardly think
I could hardly spend time walking
Late at night
Without a thought
Rummaging through my mind
Shifting from
Left to right
Whimpering at all lost kisses
Lost thoughts
Instances of connection
That could have lasted
Had I not been
Lost in my own thoughts
About leftover madness
For who then
Should I say

A Bloom (day 839)

A bloom
Expanding and compressing
On sun lit impressions
Gorging it’s way forth
Through a timeless dance
Silently mirrored by lonely sisters
Holding hands with twigs
An attached lifeline
Until the dance has ended
Visitors have bowed out goodnight
And a hush settles
While shadows envelope

2013.05.09 - Prince George Spring (4 of 100)

I Believe You (day 717)

I believe you
When you tell me I’m all yours
A full dance card
That I’m the best hitter
In the ballpark
The biggest and warmest hugger
In all lands around

I believe you
When you say my style
Trumps all Kings in the deck
When you tell me I
Intoxicate you instantly
That my shoes
Are the shiniest shoes around

I believe you
When you whisper in my ear
In the late evening hours
When your eyes ignite
With a passionate fuel
And your late night eyes
Glance at me once more, goodnight

I believe you
When the sun comes up in the East
And sets in the West
When the winds blow leaves down
From their perch up above
And when the chimes sing to us
As we sit side by side
Upon chairs of home’s front porch

Gone Loony (day 704)

Living inside my head
I’ve started to name my thoughts
Perhaps this isn’t right
Have I gone loony?

I don’t say goodnight to them
I’m definitely not setting an extra place
At the table I eat at daily
But does this deter those rumblings?

They do talk to me
They whisper and hint at greater things
Pushing me, a rush against time
Clawing at my nerves

I will walk them tonight
Along with the dog and my legs
Perhaps they’ll enjoy the night air
It always settles me down

Learned Journey (day 640)

Remember that feeling as we swept off the sheets?
Placing delicate fruits aside for passionate love
Amid the sweet summer’s breeze
Goodnights and long days fold our hearts away
Sliding the time carefully amongst the wrinkled back pages of our hearts
Crawling carelessly across the barren desert
Scratching away like ravenous fowl
The knees of our plight, the oiled and trusty hinges
Leading the battle march forth
Gravitating back to that passionate distillery
We remember from a day long passed
Move on handsome soldier
Passion changes, lust morphs, love grows