Glossy Angel (day 2322)

Have I become a status update?
Words that have no meaning
In the tangible domain
An ego swelling at the possibilities
Inflation at our fingertips,
Choices in our heart.
Have I lost the moonlight
Amidst my electric glow?
My own thoughts displaced
By wings of a glossy angel.
And here I go,
Turning the page for more
Settling in for warmth
With my heart emoticon.

Glossy Angel by Ned Tobin

Heart & Soul (day 1779)

When I crawled to the edge of a forever span
I got so close to a miracle
I laid my nose right down to the stone
And breathed in the dirt that was my heart and soul

When I reached so high from the up most top
My mind was scorching in an unbent sky
With rainbows and eagles far below
I was a full thought in a twinkling eye

When I caused each leaf to rock and sway
From an ebb and flow in my very glow
I sent my prana to behold the world
To return double-fold, with such secrets that’d never been told.

Golden trees along the PNW coastline of Vancouver Island, Canada

Snow Falls (day 938)

When snow falls hearts gather around the hearth,
Grabbing softly at the cackling pine
Delicately stashed inside the burning pit.
Mesmerized by the dance within, and out.

Here, lights take on a softer glow.
Cold outside carries an earthy fragrance
That tucks itself neatly into corners
Of windows that slowly freeze

Then, from mind we slowly remember
Budding spring uncurling it’s frozen fingers
As green sprouts celebrate daylight sun.
Softness takes long strides out into fresh air.

From this perch, stretched along the couch
Wool blanket helping hold fires heat within,
Tranquil spreads easily inside
These heavy walls flickering me to sleep.

A Hand Shake (day 807)

I’ve been the leftover
The gimme-gimme gone
Got you by the balls in the halls

Give it or not
Lost, blown in the end
A dream or a thought
Give it away, give it away, give it away

Now drop.
Let the groove hold your hands
Flow through the night
Through the eyes and the eyes of the eyes; high

See me, see the glow in these these
See the chance
Buckets fallin’ under heavy, heavy
Drops of pure bloods truth

I’m havin’ attacks
Straight to the heart
Like a shak-a-shak-a-shak
Bare chested at the moon, OWWWW

So it’s the way that we love
It’s the get it, get it
Get it all packed in the black Jones tall
Lost souls holding out

My bodies been around
Shuffled down long gray gray walls
I’ve been the guilt, the reconcile

But I’ve learned you are the shift
The give it t’me, give it t’me
Give it t’me with leftovers
Drop. You’re here

[note: best read at 91BPM]