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Moon Mind (day 2092)

Tell me how time came
Took away my mind
Left me floating in a cloud
– So low –
Mississippi river’s got my soul
Floating down my day
Hanging from a big fir tree
Gone between its cracks
Watching for the moon to show
My river rambles on.

With(out) You (day 1939)

Without your lock of indispensable
I have fallen into soul
Left my feet to float away
And taken in to self.
Like reason has no place in love
I, too, have set free
Each and every truth I see
For harmony and peace with you.

Sunshine (day 1919)

Would you be a heart that will call out?
Shoes so familiar
Like eyes closed into sunshine,
And memories that float into this blank space –
Too happy to change it –
For we’ve started to understand
That tomorrow never comes,
And all we can hold on to
Is the ball clanging around wildly
Inside what we close our eyes to guard against.
This isn’t a memory,
This is pure unabashed and secret dreaming…
A love that screams to come out,
And I’m walking through the madness
With a hope to one day find my way out.

Sunshine by Ned Tobin

Grime (day 1918)

I’m growing into the grime I knew I was
Swamp land so thick in slime
Dizzy as, I cannot swim
Neither try nor do I float
Down down down I go
To leave all grassy slopes behind
My head is dripping as I cry
Dropping into necromance
I spread across my eyes
What I have come to know as grime.

Floating Soul (day 1693)

Float my soul as wind does blow;
A field of drifting snow.
Long grass will tickle my fleeting heart,
Field posts as my deep breath.
My wisdom is an open sea
Torrenting above this frozen ground,
Truth for which I’m steady holds
Dirt which refuses me
The steady pull of gravity.
And in this I shall forever find
Patience of the naked deciduous,
A lark, yet steadfast cold.

Inside Our Pulse (day 1350)

Hold me as we go out of our heads
And into stardust that
Continually floats about
Uncommon thoughts that live here.

Feel freedom with me,
Hold my hand tight
And sing a song
A little out of key.

Controlled by whipper-wasps,
Heavy in synchronicity
To our beating pulse
Through which our fingers touch.

Floating Tragedy (day 1146)

My heart floats into a tragedy
Like cats painted on my baby boys nursery wall.

Destined and predetermined
And midnight moon lonely.

Don’t scare me.
Don’t listen to those lonely secrets.

Don’t float the note, sealed in the
Hand-crafted sailing boat down the community stream.

Don’t cry the grass alive
From your lonely tower.

I’m a birthday balloon
From cheap dollar store blues.

My heart floats on into tragedy.
A single bill with no underlining.

I’m a water and chips
At the liquor store diner.

I’m on the lonely side of uncomfortable fabric.
And my heart floats into unrequited tragedy.

And your loose limits
Are crying my name.

Deft Thoughts (day 1046)

I was an angel;
Struggling against purpose,
Harboring desire
Deep within action words
That you could not hear,
You could not feel,
You could not understand…
But we floated

I was an angel;
Distracting minute details
Into synchronicity,
Juggling and balancing
And crawling beside
Straight lines
Wish-washing my roads
With gravel timelines..
Dirty bloody knees

I was an angel
Singing my love-rich song
With arrows and soft colours
Diluting my expression
Like overcast clouds
On damp, dreary days.
Long words lingering on,
Left behind in old thoughts.

Don’t Make Me Love You (day 1041)

What comes from me, is me.
Not painted on a shadow,
A dressed up disguise.
No, not a second guess;
Not a pressured belief.
I’m a moment of you,
In a moment of me.
Unafraid of my love
That makes you love me,
Unafraid of my love
That makes me…
Don’t make me love you.
This is bare feet
And worn hardwood floors.
Cracks and light footsteps.
Hands on night noises.
And your warmth tight against me.
Don’t make me love you
In spite all I can see.
The lonely gray wisdom
That circles this city.
I’m an unbent lover,
A sea that floats.
You can’t imagine
Where your love finds my star;
A lighthouse for the stranger
That makes me in love you
To make you to me be.

Flip (day 942)

…and these beautiful tenses that flip then and now,
That close over my eyes and filter my dreams
Into little open-lid unmarked boxes
Arranged like a Braque exploration in cubism

These tenses float through thought, itching these dark corners
And flickering little sparks about.
Sensorial-wisps tingle my toes
And I close my fists a little tighter around patched memories

For brief moments then
As I stand alert, awake, and open
A vortex envelopes myself until that split second
Where I no longer have choice but instinct

…and I flip out, eyes fluttering
Glowing like a radiant being whose reached ecstasy
Who has just downloaded boundless formations
With Nag Champa floating and settling around

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