Ode to Coming Spring (day 2759)

Oh deepest temptation
How you flirt with my soil
A thought of thaw, a hint of melt,
A sense of return to summers belt
But then a day so far away
Seems the Spring that once did hint
Now a freeze, frosty fence
Covering the land, so white.
Yet in my eager gait
I sense all soon to blossom
And maybe, too, I spy
A bird been gone a while.

Vengeance (day 848)

What’s left is desire curving up and down
Raising vengeance on soiled ground
Pushing upwards against tippy-toes
Leaving questions marks as far as one throws

Thumbs make the trip in another womans clothes
Carefully calculating unending curls; silently she goes
Lips so daringly inviting, posed in a mock snarl
Spreading infectiously around an exposed eye; caught, ensnarl

And here, where blush in subtle tones enchants, nay, flutters a heart into flight
Digging down deep to indulge in a bite
These tones accentuate criss-crossing lines
Making their way in and out of my mind

Exposed breasts splayed out from a white button up shirt
There too plays a belly button housing a tiny orb of flirt
And lyrics written cross her left rib cage
Time has stopped here. Time has stopped and forgotten all age

Packed away misunderstanding and coffee breaks
Shackling the lonesome cowboy with unending shakes
While pushing up sleeves on another silver lining
Another smooth caress of subtle defining

Another asymmetrical button bridling the fire
Of an angel floating about on tips of desire
Sending all exposed reeling from an unconscious slip
That puts reason behind an eager crack of the whip

You Cannot Hear My Screams (day 718)

I push you into corners
And suck out all your blood
I watch your face go pale
And feel the taste of life

You look at me with wonder
And speak out not a word
You flirt me with a smile
And hold on for your life

I cannot understand
And feel not for what I see
I have an urge for deliverance
And I will not let you cease

You flicker and wave in conscience
And fleeting memories flow free
You flirt me with a smile
And release all I’ve ever sold to you

I lay you down in sorrow
And unsure of what I’ve done
I will not survive another
And am lost in what’s begun

You shared your stream of life
And trusted the words I laid
You laid down now in harmony
And cannot hear my screams

Leaves (day 195)

Lost in an adolescent desire
A makeshift, slightly dull dream
Fitted with romance and pretty culture
Little black, very little black

Sun flares blur my vision
Flowers clutter my hair
And only sweet songs fill
The everlasting notes through the air

It’s summer
I’m here at last
I’m here, writing love notes
To all of the boys

Giggling under covers as I re-read
The wrinkled back pages of my life
Amicably plotting the glorious
Future that has yet to shade

Boney knees and hold this please
Skipping circuits and hearts everywhere
Hearts on jeans, hearts on sweaters
Hearts on hands, hearts on books

Hearts on sleeves
Come close to these
I have yet to learn the power
To my unconscious flirt

Dreaming of the boys
Dreaming of me
Dreaming of the blue oceans
Screaming at me

I know in the future
I’ll remember it all
For all of it I’ve collected
In between these here leaves

Un-Adulterated (day 94)

The four, they wandered
Still a few hours from dark
One with a drink
One with a skirt
And leggings to reduce the flirt
It was easy to tell
For I had been there before
That they all had one thought
Clearly on their minds
To reduce the night to moments alone
A moment to remember for a year
A day, many years later
That will come all the greater
Shall remind gone of your youth