Anchor March (day 2167)

Together we swing
On an anchor so wild:
A lesson in bloom,
To travel the world.
And when we wake up
– Upon a mountain so high –
We will carry a flag
As we’ve all learnt so well.
Our hearts are all dolphins
The sea is our goal
What we plant together
Will marry us our home.
Now leaflets and pamphlets
Cause us to effect,
Now chants and marches
Cause us to defect.
But this is our fiddle
And this is our song
Let us be the anchor
And we’ll carry on.

Constantinople (day 611)

Riddle me this
Riddle me that
Said cat the black jack
Who sat on his hat

Twiddle me this
Twiddle me that
Lump in my sack
I’m sore in my back

Fiddle me this
Fiddle me that
The strings are all slack
The sound wont come back

(fading into the distance)
He said Constantinople!