My Little Layers (day 2095)

I was waiting for a dream
I had sent off in the mail
A letter to my name
That sadly never came.

But in all my little layers
I had followed to the sea
I waited for a crest
A wave upon my chest.

So there I sat atop the cliff
A bucket in my soul
Catching all the ether
Never held again by her.

I lifted up my downcast eyes
Horizon on my mind
A songbird came and sang to me
Carried me far off, out to sea.

Recollection (day 986)

New shocks reverberate through my unwritten scores
Losing patterns fast
Into voids that ebb and flow
Lost transactions
Focused thought floating into ether
Tied in to
And reminded every single day
Until a murder of crows
Takes flight
From which all is found