Eternity (day 607)

I’ve fallen into a pool of bliss
One that reaches up
And smothers my every thought
With kindness and feeling

I’ve been taken away to an oasis
On an island of ten thousand floating orchids
Where sun hazes each thought into a dance
With graceful arms that arch and moan

I’ve lifted my head up to the sky
Seen the clouds dance before my eyes
And smiled at them
Allowing them to feel my gracious delight

Chocolate (day 588)

Chocolate spills off the edges of her mouth as if caught in the middle of some kind of erotic foreplay, struggling with the sloppy moments of recollections that pass through ones mind when stuck in a flashback.

Kisses blow around here, with their golden moments smothered in little murmurs and subtle tones of that which is familiar, or at least should be to those passionately inclined.

Pinstripes chalk the walls with character, allowing the vertically inclined to search the walls out in a practical dance that leaves them solving world mysteries that have been long forgotten or strewn aside as if left to the unexplainable.

Signatures full of rabbits come to life, animating this dreamspace with cuteness and emotion, my own hairline rolls and stretches in a sick game of character defining backgammon. This leaves me rolling the dice, asking the elders what their secrets are.

Idea. An idea. One idea reverberates off the walls, bending and warping the pinstripes and smudging the chocolate into the back pages of my conscience. I allow it to linger here while I hash out the logistics.

Booking the next plane ticket the action unfolds, the plan begins it’s course and the erotic foreplay dances it’s way into the shower to clean up its rep. It is now that the flashbacks come stronger as the future becomes clearer.

Loud and Free (day 557)

Uncommon destruction
That brutalizes my soul
Cool liquid drops of sex
Pour through my brain
Featuring madness

Lavishly endearing
Blatant and
Devilishly sinful

And I bow
I bow to the lover that stays awake all night
And the devious young man behind closed doors
Sipping down 25 year old stock

I grow from deep within
Boisterously gathering a new level
Stirring up the saints in the courtyard
Slipping into a deceitful dance
Mesmerizing the nymphs

And I dance of faith
Counting on the anger to shout out my soul
Waking up the ghosts in the courtyard
Slowly. With a devilish grin
Anticipation crawls up the back of my neck

Eruption lets the gods know
Loud and free, they hear this call
They hear me curse at the moon
With the cackling birds of pray
That lay with me in lust

One Day Baby (day 454)

Some days you dance through still motions that float by
Dreaming in a sober state of consciousness
Gambling love with light with strange verses of mystical poetry
One day baby, one day

Midnight then and sweet calling from the other side of the bed
You move boulders baby and light up the tallest buildings
You change me like ice chases rivers; pure delight
One day baby, one day

Just as stars wave their goodbyes and pull into sun
Music turns to repeat and landslides stop spinning
Bottles drying up on the floor that never sits still
One day baby, one day

Ghosts now pass the clear blue horizon that stretches lazily over the hue
Wracking memories that have flushed away heat
Settling in for the long car ride home now that the winds died down
One day baby, one day

Lover… (day 438)

Lover, come home to me
Let me feel you beside me now
Forget space that has grown
Let night grab us here
And take hold as we dance away

Lover, whisper in my ear
Let sweet sounds heat my breath
Lay me low against the time of night
Push away that cause this
Uncomfortable space between us

Lover, hold my hand a while
As we walk off into the distance
Searching for a sunset
Amongst romantic castles
Stone fences, and cobblestones

Lover, sit with me here
Lets make our backs hurt
Our asses numb
On these cement benches
Staring deep into the horizon

Wild Coyote Howls (day 436)

When you got freckles like that
There ain’t nothing going wrong
The devil himself
Has got eyes that long
And the world that spins
Skips a beat as you dance
When you got freckles like that
There ain’t nothing going wrong

When you got hips that move
Like a good girls should
There’s bound to be a groove
That lasts so long
With hands held high
You can touch the sky
When you got hips that move
Like a good girls should

When you shoot that grin
There’s a wild coyote that howls
Like mother natures sin
It’s good to dig deeper
When it lasts like a memory
Clutched to the bosom
When you shoot that grin
There’s a wild coyote that howls

Pixies (day 380)

I dance the dance of a thousand maidens
Through the woods and flat lands with flowers in my hair
I’ve grown accustomed to the birds and the bees
Around here there is no more sadness

And with the ides of seasons that come
The winds they carry all messages I hear
Of love, of song, of fairy tales I deluge
Merry making I do wherever I do roam

Late at night when I rest my head upon the feathers
The animals all around settle too
We breathe a collective sigh and remember the sky
Stars, full of life, watching over

Fever in Its Haze (day 253)

From upright
To a 4 point stance
Spinning again
In this grand romance
With eyes that pierce
And a devilish smile
If it so chooseth
To come play a while
For, in an instant
Like the sweet curves
Her hands have made
In subtle murmurs
In this mesmerizing dance
A world can change
Joy into lost
Fever in its haze
Throbbing into lust

Luck (day 22)

With one small jump
A leap of faith
Power held deep
Body; out from within

Grow, vote!
Signals of choice
Aura of voice
Dance in the streets

Aggravate the alchemist
With questions unheard
Inspire the creative
With voices unseen

A solo date
Ballad the masquerade
Carry the team
You. Me. Luck